Ethical Reasoning essay

ChemCo’s television advertisement portrays a picture of unpolluted, clean, healthy and a rejuvenating life for all humans, animals and the nature itself, trying to prove the organization as a key contributor towards an environment friendly atmosphere with a “go green” culture. It draws a noble repute of the organization in the minds of society and the people dwelling in as a part of it. But the fact seems to be far from what they are trying to project as their image into the social minds.

Earth Watchers, a respected non-government organization, reported ChemCo of having the highest ratio of pollution to profit (25%) and they have also reported that Chemco paid almost $1 million monthly from the year 2004 to 2007 in fines for environmental infractions. Earth Watchers report also noted that ChemCo is widely promoting a new environmental initiative where it would double-line its tankers to avoid chemical spills.

But the most shocking part of it is that several competitors of ChemCo have already adapted the same technique after the Exxon Valdez spill in 1990 which means that ChemCo has been neglecting its moral responsibility towards the society for a long time. With the absence of these pertinent facts one would like to believe in the pollution free vision of healthy world the advertisement is trying to illustrate. But after looking at the facts, the intent behind the release of such an advertisement campaign needs to be thoroughly questioned. The promotional campaign of ChemCo clearly indicates that they have been telling just one side of the story.

It is a clear violation of ones rights and as per the ethics of human rights, people should be aware of the full story before they deduce to some conclusions. But evidently, ChemCo is depriving people of their rights and throwing in misrepresentation of being in favor of the “go green” concept. The television advertisement campaign seems to be breaking ethics of virtue by depicting disingenuous view of their organization. Instead of claiming to be the leading environmentalist and an eco friendly organization, ChemCo should have concentrated on really applying the methods into their organization to reduce pollution.

As per their claim, ChemCo has begun several new initiatives towards an environment friendly society and is applying the greenhouse effects. But simply by trying to apply more methods to reduce pollution doesn’t change the fact that ChemCo has been contributing huge amount into creating pollution. It is unethical on their part to publicize something they should have begun doing long before. They should not be publicly flaunting their image to become a giant environmentalist before really starting to put tangible efforts into it.