Ethical Dilemma Journal essay


I encountered an ethical dilemma while working in a bank as ateller. My coworker, who was responsible for balancing the cashvault, was once unable to account for a short of 2000.00. No one wasable to identify the reason for the short despite reviewing theentire day’s transactions, the cash-ins and cash out transactionsfrom the vault. As a result, my manager indicted my coworker ofstealing the money and she almost lost her job. Luckily anotherindividual balancing the vault was able to account for the moneythree days later.

The situation resulted in uncertainty concerning the moral claimthat holds the most weight. First the manager’s decision to accusethe coworker of stealing money and going ahead to consider herdismissal was wrong. This is because there was no evidence to justifythat the employee had taken the funds. Also, having worked at thebank for a long period makes it wrong to consider dismissing mycoworker without reflecting on her previous contributions whileworking at the bank. On the other hand, the decision to fire theemployee may have been right. Since she was responsible for balancingthe cash vault, there is a possibility that she may have taken themoney. Hence, everyone may have been right in accusing my colleagueof taking the money.

I believe it was not ethical that my coworker was accused ofstealing the missing cash. This is because it is wrong to accusesomeone of theft without proof. Also, when people work together, theyare expected to develop trust towards each other. Accusationsoutwardly insinuated a lack of trust in my colleague, whichdemoralizes her yet she has worked for the bank for a long period.