Ethical Dilemma essay




Likeother professions, nursing practice is guided by legislations andlaws that are meant to enhance access to affordable and qualityhealthcare services. Nonetheless, ethical and moral considerationsthat cause moral dilemma emerge when undertaking duties. Patientshave different expectations and health problems that require distinctinterventions. The measures given by the caregivers have greatinfluence in enhancing the attainment of positive outcomes. It isalso notable that the clinicians need to observe the professionalrequirements as well as the rights of patients to guarantee qualityservices.

Considera case where a patient is suffering from emphysema and the nurseshave found out that he or she is unresponsive to medication. Thepatient has already informed her colleagues in a care facility thatshe does not wish to be resuscitated if the situation worsens.Unfortunately, there is no legal document supporting the claim. Weidentify that the caregivers must follow the wishes and rights of apatient. In addressing the legal and professional issues around thehighlighted matter, we need to consider the legal framework thatstipulates how to handle resuscitation cases.Doctors cannot easily make decision to withhold life-sustainingtreatment without examining the matter deeply. DNR order recognizesthe significance of preserving the right to individual autonomy(Sidhu,Dunkley, &amp Egan, 2007).

Tosolve the situation, the caregiver should consider the guidelines forthe DNR in their jurisdiction. Do Not Resuscitate(DNR) is a legal note that is meant to communicate the wishes ofpatients concerning life support, especially, for individuals withheart failure and cardiac arrest. The caregiver should consult withthe patient’s family, friends, or attorney to help identify theright procedures in the absence of the DNR order. The move would helpto save life as well as adhere to the wishes of the client.


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