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Drug companies are operating as conglomerates given that all theirgoals and objectives primarily focus on profiting from theirproducts. Companies promote their goods in markets, which placeemphasis on drugs for weight fads, beauty products, and anti-agingproducts as opposed to creating drugs for treatment of seriousillnesses. As such, consumers believe in the products owing to theplacebo effect as opposed to actual results backed by science andempirical studies. The proposed solution is to employ strict laws,which regulate the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of drugsin the market (Callahan &amp Wasunna, 2006). Theviews of world leader interviewed revealed that, the market should bebetter educated of the products that they purchase. As much as drugcompanies take advantage of the consumers’ ignorance, consumersshould take advantage of the vast amount of information in order tounderstand that 70% of the products they purchase do more harm thangood (Callahan &amp Wasunna, 2006). Inessence, the dilemma concerns choosing the option to createaffordable drugs for treatment as opposed to capitalizing on drugswhich perform well in the market. Hence, the resolution should focuson ensuring that the laws protect the interest of consumers byenforcing accountable measures. The drug companies should also beguided by moral and ethical principles. They should restrain frombeing profit oriented and put their focus on the wellbeing of thepeople. It is therefore the responsibility of all stakeholdersincluding the government, drug companies, doctors as well asconsumers to place importance on drugs to enhance human life and notfor business.


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