Ethical conflict Question 1 essay



Theauthor does not prefer to use the term euthanasia but since he wantsto use a word that justifies euthanasia. Instead of euthanasia, theauthor uses terms such as mercy killing, mercy death and also lettingpeople die. (Lescroart,1998)


Thethree words have the same meaning that is putting someone to deathwithout subjecting them to pain due to a tragic disease that isincurable.


Braindeath is the irreversible and wholesome loss of all brain functioncaused by a terrible brain injury. On the other hand, persistentvegetative state or irreversible coma is a situation where a personis unconscious and cannot be aroused even by the use of intensestimuli.


Allowingsomeone to die I where by one is let to die a natural death withoutthe use of science medicines.


Ethicalegoism explains that the right action is the one that best promotes aperson`s individual interests. Egoism states that an individual ishardwired to be selfish hence their actions are self-serving.Unitarianism says that actions are right in the proportion in whichthey tend to promote happiness. Kant states that whatever action istaken, it creates a universal law. So by killing one will beapproving murder with no compromise. Virtue deals with an individualsituation. If an action to be taken is the most appropriate at atime, then it is virtuous. Ross puts it that, mercy killing is theinstance you care to the extent of nerve-wracking worry.


Inmy opinion, allowing someone to die is wrong because it means that wehave not provided care, we have abandoned them instead. My opinion issupported by Kants and virtue ethics theory.


Mercydeath refers to causing a patient’s death at their own request. Itis also referred to as assisted death


Accordingto utilitarianism actions are morally right or acceptable if they arenot harmful to other people’s rights. This means that if an actiondoesn’t violate another human beings existence then it is notwrong. According to Kants theory, intention is what matters. If theintention is good then the action doesn’t matter much. In thisregard, mercy death is supported by utilitarianism theory as well asross theory which provide that we all have a duty to take care ofeach other and not to cause each other harm


Inmy opinion, mercy death is not morally wrong, this is because as muchas we would want the patient to live, he himself knows what is bestfor themselves additionally it is their own happiness that matters.The patients believe it is in their own best interest as well as theliving to end their life. This is supported by Kant’ and Rosstheory.


Mercykilling refers to causing a patient’s death without their requestit is usually a direct action from another person’s decision ratherthan the patients.


Mercykilling involves the doctor terminating the patient’s life withouttheir permission, utilitarianism theory matches common sense in thatan action must have more good consequences than bad, this theory isof the opinion that killing people is wrong because it devalues livesa well as making people unhappy. Virtue ethics theory provides thatour goal is happiness, if an action is not making us happy then it ismorally wrong. Ross theory provides that we have a duty to refuse toharm others. In this regard it doesn’t support mercy killingbecause it brings harm to the patient.


Toallow mercy killing is morally upright since human beings deservedignified death. Also, sympathy at death helps the individualexperience care and love. (Solomita,2009)It also helps people suffering from incurable diseases die instead ofincurring a lot of costs and the person eventually dies. Mercykilling is supported by egoism and Unitarianism.


Hospiceprovides that dying is a personally conceived condition rather thanmedically conceived conditioned. Patients must be handled with careespecially during their last days. It mostly ha elements such ascomforting and caring for the patients a well as providing humanizedpatient medical care.


Safeguardingmercy killing would open the doors to abuse, it is also important tonote that that people can wake up from a deep coma in addition, aperson needs the choice to decide for themselves but in a coma, itcannot happen. Doctors are supposed to save lives not to kill. Bysupporting it will justify murder.


Itis a hard thing to decide how morally upright or wrong to carry outmercy killing. (Solomita,2009)In both cases, people give justification in support of their stand.But I support it because I do not see the need to let someone sufferand eventually die. It is better to let them die fast and with littlepain.


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