Essay on Rosalind Wiseman “Queen Bee Wannabes” essay

Teenage life is the most crucial stage in woman’s or man’s life. It is where this stage that certain individual search for his or her own identity and belongingness. Thus, would include that group one want to identify with and to clique with. Identity would mean what is your expertise or what are you good or better in? Who is the group or certain individual your are in with? This is the stage you try to mold yourself being a person to be recognized in your community (ibid).

In this write-up it tells about the current culture of a teenage life of a girl and boy that tries to identify themselves within the group. Meaning they try to classify themselves according to the status in life, physical appearance, role in the group and role in the school. Further clique means as a small, exclusive group of people (http://dictionary. reference. com/browse/clique).

It tells about the different character or behavior one has a role in a clique group where Wiseman defines the seven common roles play in a clique one is the Queen Bee through the combination of charisma, force, money, looks, will and manipulation, this girl reigns supreme over the other girls and weakens their friendships with others, thereby strengthening her own power influence; second The sidekick where she notices everything about the queen bee because she wants to be her. She will do everything the queen bee says.

The queen bee as her best friend, makes her feel popular and includes; third the floater she has friends in different groups and can move freely among them. She has influence over other girls but does not use it to make them feel bad; fourth torn bystander she is constantly conflicted about doing the right thing and her allegiance to the clique as a result, she is the one most likely to be caught in the middle of a conflict between two girls or two groups of girls; fifth the pleaser or wannabe or messenger she will do anything to be in good graces of the queen bee and the side kick.

When two powerful girls or two powerful group of girls are in a fight, she is the go between. However, the other girls eventually turn over her as well. She will enthusiastically back them up no matter what. She cannot tell the difference between what she wants and what the group wants; sixth the banker girls trust hew when she pumps them for information because it does not seem like gossip instead she does it in an innocent, “I’m trying to be your friend” way.

This is the girl who sneaks under adult radar all the time because she can appear so cute and harmless and lastly the target she is the victim, set up by the other girls to be humiliated, made fun of, excluded. She can be part of a clique or outside the clique. Either way, she feels isolated alone (http://books. google. com. ph/books? id=KbxPsJQIDN0C&pg=PA46&dq=Rosalind+Wiseman+%60the+queen+bee&hl=en).

In this case a clique through searching to its identity will developed a certain culture which this group could be identify with, thus we can observe certain gangster in school who pushes drugs to their schoolmates, classmate and friends, some clique will be going into a different area like in the movie entitled “Bring it on in it to win it” which form their group into a cheer dance that brought them to test friendship, teamwork and creativity.

Others would identify themselves with fashion and sports, race (black) and so on. This individual coming from different area and different culture and race to be in one group but creating a different environment within and outside the group thus would lead to competition within and outside the group, envy, bullying, jealousy and even rivalry.

In readings of Diapers to Dior further states that girls from intimate friendship, they have special access to emotional areas where their friends are the most vulnerable…it is the deepest knowledge girls have of relationship and the passion they lavish on their closest friends which characterizes much their aggression and because girls are so afraid of losing their friends, the fear of loss becomes a weapon that bully can be use (http://books. google. com. ph/books?

id=s3B1jhHEBuYC&pg=PA76&dq=Rosalind+Wiseman+`the+queen+bee). On the part of the male there are 4 roles in a clique one is the leader similar to queen bee describes him as “everyone wants to be him…athletic, tough, able to get the girls, or rich; second is flunkie similar to the pleaser, in that he will do anything asked of him, but different in that he responds to any member. This person constantly gets into trouble and irritates others because of his actions; third thug can also be a wannabe thug.

This person is smarter than he lets on and typically communicates in nonverbal bullying behavior. Although this person appears popular, he may or may not be; and fourth the get wits the groupies of the male clique. These males are well respected by adults for being good but their peers do not hold them in similar respect and they are seen as tagalongs (http://books. google. com. ph/books? id=iSeZNUeVpTsC&pg=PA151&dq=Rosalind+Wiseman+`the+queen+bee&hl).

In this aspect certain individual have mold their character and behavior most of the time and form of a person they are becoming into whether they are a good or bad person. These experiences we have earned and associated with the group we choose to belong to will somehow form our future of what we become of, thus would lead significantly to what we perceive, behave in different situation and how we deal with our problems. Thus, this will be us today or in the future.

On the movie “Bench Warmers” it significantly affects his behavior in the present of what he did to his classmate when he was in high school that he was the number one “bullyer” in their school that also affects the behavior of his classmates and even stayed in one room, play in one room to the extent that he does not want to go outside of their house. However it will become a baggage to his life that he did not even say sorry to him.

The most lessons on this write up is that it is the mirror of what culture of our teenage today are developing and this would somehow would bring to the understanding to parents, teachers, friends and even relatives. And to the teenagers it is an “eye opener” that there certain behavior, culture and group that would no good on us, that significantly would lead us to become delinquent individual in our society. It is up to us which road we have to choose but every parents, teachers, friends and individual always wanted us to become a better person someday.