Essay on Football and How to Accomplish It

Football has a special place in the life of Americans. That is one of the most popular national sports with millions of devoted fans throughout the globe. Therefore, there is no surprise that many pupils and even college students are assigned an essay on football. At times, they even choose it on their own if they have an opportunity to write about sport.

When it comes to writing an essay about football, you may not worry about the way it should be composed. The structure and all demands are already well-known to you. It’s only necessary to refresh your mind. There are the following stages:

  • Select a topic;
  • Find information;
  • Create an outline;
  • Compose a thesis;
  • Write a rough draft;
  • Revise your draft;
  • Write and submit the final copy.

A football essay for college is a relatively easy assignment. Students are commonly free to choose the topic they like. Thus, they’ll be more enthusiastic about it. It’s necessary to find some facts about the sport you’ve selected. Your thesis statement should clearly inform about your main purpose and its importance.

After you make a plan, write the first rough draft. It may be even a bit messy. Anyway, you’ll definitely check it and will rewrite to make it perfect. When all things are put properly, you only should submit your paper.

Football Essay Topics to Get Exciting Paper

In order to succeed, it’s necessary to cover an important issue. It is expected to be interesting to your audience and bring some significance. Here are some excellent football essay topics:

  • Why was American football included in the program of the Olympic Games?
  • My personal attitude towards American football.
  • History of football.
  • Violence in football.

Cover these and similar ideas. Think of captivating topics, which can be potentially interesting for your audience. You may investigate different facts and events that gave life to this impactful kind of sport. Highlight the cases of concussion, compare football with soccer, how can American football be popularized and something of the kind. Thus, your chances to succeed sufficiently enhance.

American Football vs Soccer Topics for Essay

Many people mess up two quite different kinds of team games American football vs soccer. Before the American football appeared, soccer in Europe was called football. Afterward, there arose a need for a division. That may be one of the topics. You may write about these two kinds.

  • American football vs. Soccer: Which one is more popular?
  • Isn’t American football more spectacular than soccer?
  • Performance in American football and soccer: Which kind is more demanding?
  • Can American football become more popular than soccer?
  • Skills and tactics in soccer and their difference from American football.

Football Concussion Ideas

Another theme you may talk over is football concussion. That is a pretty cruel and tough game. One of the common traumas is a concussion. No matter how good your helmet is, there is always a high possibility to suffer a concussion. You may argue on this matter and reveal the possible consequences, which are actually awful. They are similar to boxing outcomes. Many players suffered from multiple sclerosis that was induced by frequent impacts into the head.

  • Concussion in football and its consequences.
  • Can equipment protect from a concussion in football?
  • The course of rehabilitation from a concussion in football.
  • Isn’t it better to changes football rules to avoid concussion?
  • How to prevent concussion in American football during the game?

Violence-in-Football-Related Topics

Another important theme is violence in football. Many people oppose it. They say that such violent kinds of sports spoil younger generations. Youngsters watch how players simply destroy one another on the field. Therefore, this is a “hot” topic.

  • Isn’t violence in football a drawback?
  • Football vs. Ice-hockey: Which one is more violent?
  • Should some rules be altered to make football less cruel?
  • How to avoid traumas in football when there is so much violence.
  • How does violence in football affect fans?

History of American Football Topics

Undoubtedly, any subject and theme should be reviewed from the historical viewpoint. It’s always interesting to find out how some inventions were made or some events developed. Thus, the history of American football may give you some food to chew on:

  • The historical meaning of football for the U.S.A. citizens.
  • The significant events that led to the establishment of football in the U.S.A.
  • Outstanding personalities who developed football.
  • Recent innovations in football.
  • The most impressive records in American football.

Football Essay Outline Features

If you struggle with an outline, use our example. The football essay outline may look like this:

  • The focus question
  • The major argument
  • The evidence #1,2,3…
  • Conclusion

Make a captivating introduction and implement your thesis. Afterward, develop your concept with examples and facts. Conclude with 2-3 strong sentences to underline the importance of your concept.