Essay for scholarship essay

People, by nature, prefer to work with and for strong leaders. Everybody particularly long for high-quality leadership during times of uncertainty, ambiguity and change. Given today’s restless and ever-accelerating rate of change – and with a future that looks so vague and challenging – leadership ability is a more precious asset to the organization that ever before. For achieving a really long-term carrier everybody have to create your own plan. Now I need really excellent pharmacy education. I choose Long Island University as one of the best in the pharmacy field.

But nowadays education is very expensive and I need my scholarship for it. According to my life plan I am going to take it for my education period. I’m going to find a work as a pharmacy assistant. By combining my diligent education skills with excellent work experience, I am poised to begin my career with a boom. In my future I’m planning to be successful business owner, have a little pharmacy and now I have some plan for achieving my goal. So, I’ll try to analyze my strengths, weakness, opportunities and treats. Strengths

At first I have the goal to take some education in pharmacy and after that in medicine. I ‘m working for one year as a consultant at pharmacy earning a salary for paying for my school. In addition to my achievement and leadership skills, my computer skills are quite good. The above are just some of my strengths as a student and potential employee. Besides that I’m have effective communication and the power of teamwork. Besides that I have some other good things: • Ability to meet deadlines, thrive under deadline pressure: College is a cornucopia of deadlines.

• Ability to handle multiple tasks: Very often I wanted to smack all my instructors for requiring simultaneous major papers and projects. Multi-tasking is increasingly valued in the workplace. • Ability to achieve goals: My good grades are proof of that skill; so do boast about them if they’re exemplary. • Ability to adapt: My school years and living in the USA gave me my first opportunity to make adult decisions and act independently. • Writing skills: Job with immigrants requires good writing skills and it’s really common than you probably think they are. I demonstrated my ability to write well in my work.

Weaknesses Even an unblemished academic record at the School cannot substitute for years of relevant work experience. In the pharmacy field, good knowledge is the most important factor in job success, if not career success. Though I’ll have abundant theoretical experience for an undergraduate, a medicine science major holds much more knowledge than everyday skills. People working in the field for four or five years typically know many languages as well as enterprise-wide, Thus, lifelong learning and continuous improvement must be applied to my life for continued success.

Opportunities Every year this field needs a lot of people who knows English and another languages. Threats A great deal of publicity has surrounded the phenomenal growth in the field of community, minority and more people are enrolling in training programs to take advantage of the trend. Today’s standard pharmacy manager competence will be tomorrow’s level of incompetence. The technologies changes so quickly that being successful requires constant upgrading of skills and proficiencies.