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InterviewingPresident Obama is the best thing that can ever happen to me. Onething that is so luring about Obama is that in most cases, hepresents facts. One is sure of churning the propaganda that isinstigated in leadership from the facts. Additionally, thepersonality of Obama is something that would strike anybody to havean interview with him. President Obama is a gifted leader, and onewould want to find out the gifts that he has. He is a motivator andfull of inspiration. As an interviewer, one would not want to miss achance of interviewing President Obama. Right from an interview onegets inspired and ready to conquer and get to the next level of life.This trait has been part of Obama within and without the realm ofPresidency.

Psychologically,Obama is blessed and remains to be one of the leaders who can becategorized as Active-Positive. Who would not want to associate withthis kind of a leader? The active-positive leaders are those with bignational ambitions and often very confident, flexible, exude lots ofoptimism in their activities and are always happy to exercise theirpower. Obama is a true definition of this, and any interviewer wouldfind it very boring extracting or engaging with a character oppositethat of Obama. This individual is tactical in his way and can evenpose a very cunning and tactical question to the interviewer. Theinterview is just interesting with a character such as that of Obama.

Thebig ambitions that individuals like those that President Obama hasare so adorable. The ambitions are clear in his quest such asvouching for Affordable Care Act (Robert, 2014). This is as ambitiousas it would ensure dispensation of health care in America. In fact,it was reported that Obama would ensure that it happens without anysingle opposition vote. President Obama is just interesting tointerview, who would avoid?


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