ESSAY essay



Thedemocratic dictatorship is an important political ideology proposedby Mao Zedong. Moa stated that the Chinese state is a “people’sdemocratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on theworkers-peasant alliance” (Mao, 1972). This means that it is aform of government in which the state or the ruling party acts onbehalf of the masses but has dictatorial powers to suppress the“reactionary class and elements and those exploiters in the countrywho resists the socialist revolution” (Mao, 1972). Therefore, Maoargued that dictatorial powers were essential in order to maintain astable state since it provides means through which the state cancounterforce negative elements. Political analysts have had differentviews about the applicability of democratic dictatorship in themodern society (Christiansen &amp Rai, 2014). However, the majorityof democracies in the modern world can be viewed as a democraticdictatorship. For example, the president of a nation or thegovernment can take actions that protect its legitimacy. This mayinvolve the use of means that are dictatorial, although the actionsare taken on behalf of the majority.


TheIsrael-Palestine conflict is one of the most important conflicts inthe modern world. The conflict emerged after the Second World War,although similar sectarian conflicts have been experienced betweenJews and Arabs during the British rule. The disputed territorieswhich have resulted in the conflicts were the main themes in the1960s film “Exodus” (Preminger, 1960). Since the state of Israel,a Jewish state was established, Jews has claimed some of thehistorical cities and religious sites such as Jerusalem, other holysites. The Jews have argued that Jerusalem represents the origin ofJudaism and was the capital of the Israelite kingdom. However,Palestine has also claimed the same territories for similar reasons.Palestinians have claimed Jerusalem as a Muslim holy city. The cityhas religious significance since it the location of al-Aqsa mosqueand the site of “Mohammad’s Night Journey” to heaven. Althoughthe western society has favored the claims by the Jews, bothPalestine, and the Jews have valid claims. Since Islam and Jewishtraditions have an Abrahamic origin, they share several historicalreligious sites (Harms, 2012).


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