Esports Essay: Tips on Writing an Impressive and Interesting Paper

During studying, students are required to make different essays on various topics. Nowadays, the subject of electronic sports became quite popular because a lot of people play video games on the professional level. In fact, creating an interesting esports essay is a difficult task, but you have high chances to get a high grade if you prepare and plan everything beforehand.

Esports are competitive gaming that became quite popular all over the world. Millions of players participate in various tournaments and events, and millions of devoted fans watch games online. Of course, esports is quite different from traditional sports like football and baseball, but many people say that esports are real sports because they have a huge fan base and competitive gaming.

Feel stuck with your writing? Stop struggling and look through our article! In this guide, we have gathered the most important tips on writing a good essay about esports. Read all information carefully, follow simple and effective recommendations, and make a marvelous and impressive paper without wasting your time!

Good Essay on Esports in 6 Simple Steps

Follow these six effective steps to create a bright document

  1. Brainstorm your ideas. Take a piece of paper, think about esports, and write down everything that comes to mind. Then work with the most successful ideas and figure out the main direction of your future essay.
  2. Choose a bright topic. Be creative and make an interesting issue to attract your readers’ attention. Sometimes it may be difficult for students to select a good theme for their work. Keep reading our guide, and you will find more information about choosing a bright subject for your future paper.
  3. Find enough sources. When you have defined a topic, try to find as much information you can use for writing as possible. Surf the Internet, read various books, magazines, and newspapers to find many reliable sources.
  4. Make a detailed and clear outline. Many students prefer skipping this step because they don’t see any sense in wasting their time on the outline. It is a huge mistake because the outline is a great helper in writing. You can start writing your work without a clear plan, and most likely, you will feel stuck in the middle without knowing what to do next. So, making an outline is necessary.
  5. Write your rough draft. Make your paper in accordance with the outline. Don’t pay attention to errors and misprints, your main task here is to concentrate on the essay line to make the entire story smooth and interesting.
  6. Proofread your finished paper. Take a break to refresh your mind, and revise your work thoroughly to find and correct all grammar and logical mistakes. If you want to make your work perfect, repeat this step at least 3-4 times.

Bright Essay about Esports — Ideas for Writing

There are a lot of various types of essays, and we want to make recommendations on choosing the most interesting ideas for your future paper:

  • Write a descriptive essay on esports. You will have to read a lot of information about electronic sports to know the tiniest details. If it is possible, interview a person who participates in esports for a long time, and base your paper on their experience. Don’t forget to ask their permission on releasing beforehand.
  • If you are good at persuading people in various issues, make a persuasive essay on should esports be considered a sport. Find strong arguments and support them with evidence to convince your future readers. Put statistics and interesting facts from reliable sources to show your audience the significance of esports.
  • Maybe your opinion is quite the opposite. Then write an argumentative paper on why esports can’t be compared with real sports. If you are a sportsman, make examples from your own experience. Show the real life of athletes, compare it with the life of online players, and convince your audience that sports and esports are two big differences.
  • Are you in doubt if it is possible to consider esports as a sport or no? Write a compare and contrast essay. All you have to do is find resemblances and differences between sports and esports. We suggest making a list of differences and resemblances, and it will help you to compare esports and sports more effectively.
  • If you are a good storyteller, prepare a narrative essay. It is not hard to create this paper, just make sure you have put all facts in chronological order and be very attentive to details. Don’t forget about making a hook at the beginning to attract people to read the entire story.

Good Esports Essay Topics

We know it may be difficult for students to select a bright topic for their work, and we want to share some successful esports essay topics to give you more interesting ideas for your own paper.

Persuasive Topics on Why Esports is not a Sport

Use this list of topics if you are required to persuade your future readers in why esports is not a sport:

  1. Compare and contrast an athlete who plays sports games and a game.
  2. Difference between winning NBA Championship in real and in video games.
  3. 10 Reasons why esports will never be considered a sport.
  4. Modern generation chooses real sports with powerful athletes over video games.
  5. Why are esports a “fake” sports?

Argumentative Topics on Esports are a Real Sport

Read these interesting topics if you need to argue in your future paper about the fact that esports are a real sport:

  1. Should eSports be included in the Olympic Games?
  2. If chess is a sport, why esports is not?
  3. Will esports be more popular than sports in the future?
  4. Modern world chooses esports
  5. New technology in sports: esports is our future

Making a successful essay about esports becomes easier when you have got a good piece of advice on writing. We hope that you have followed all our hints and created an interesting paper to impress your readers!