Environmental strategy essay

It is said that if a company shows environmental concern, then its profits is likely to suffer. However, some companies have shown that such is not the case. That in fact, when a company takes advantage of this oppurtunity instead of treating it as a threat, it can help the company grow. Examples of these companies include Carrier Technology and E. I. du Pont Nemours and Company who managed to reduce manufacturing costs and increase production. One way to do this is not to think of corporate environmental issues as something that is win-lose but rather a win-win situation.

The main thing to remember is that the relationship between economic gains and environmental concerns is not competitive but rather cooperative. A good company must also not put in their minds that what is important is not to have good environmental management but good environmental strategy. Environmental strategy is a dinstinct by itself since it has similarities with some issues that a company faces but also characteristics that makes it different.

It may have components that lean on technical and economics much like consumer demands but its differences require that special attention must be given to it. The idea of environmental strategy started sometime in the 1960s and eventually evolved, due to different pressures and responses, to what it is today. In order to practice a better competitive environmental strategy, a company must be willing to undergo a change in perspective.

Change in perspective since it means challenging objects and even actions that have long been taken for granted. Environmental issues have clearly come a long way from something that companies had thought to be a nonissue but now believe it to have a role of central importance in the company. A good manager must be able to efficiently find a way to take advantage of the opportunities that become present in combining economic and environmental objectives.