Environmental laws

Addressing matters such as Darfur genocide, environmental laws, public welfare, healthcare, regulations on businesses and their practice, it can be observed that Sudan is not working to benefit its citizenry. Sudan is a country in Africa that borders Egypt, Libya, the Red Sea, Chad, Eritrea, Central Africa, Ethiopia, Congo and Uganda. This country is about …

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Substance abuse affecting the work place and working environment

Very many companies have suffered financially as a result of their employees engaging in substance abuse. For instance statistics indicate that United States organizations have lost close to 100 billion dollars in a year as a result of substance abuse. It has been scientifically proven that some substances or drugs are of higher risk as …

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Corporate environment

Determining the proper owner of a patent, invention, or discovery in a corporate environment is usually very simple. Unless the researcher has a contract that states otherwise, all research conducted while in the employ of a private company becomes the property of the company. Works done at educational institutions is usually just the opposite. Unless …

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