English essay

1 Author’s Name Inessence, culture is a way of life, which is reflective of thetraditions, practices, and beliefs of a select tribe, ethnicity,community, and society. Currently, more than 80 % of businessesoperate on a global platform. Hence, such companies and organizationshave diverse employees from different backgrounds in terms of race,sex, age, and industry. While the …

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English colony essay

Jamestown, was an English colony founded by the Virginia Company of London in 1607, Its main purpose was to be a trading post. On October 1, 1608, a company of settlers arrived aboard the English vessel Mary and Margaret with the Second Supply. The journey took roughly three months. The company recruited skilled craftsmen and …

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English is the Answer to the Need for a Global Language essay

There are about five thousand groups of people in the world that speaks various languages which makes it difficult for them to communicate and understand each other. Furthermore, the population of the Earth is also organized into hundred of states and networks so that different languages from all over the world persists. Because of this …

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