Enforcing Discipline essay

A lot of the problems in the police force that have been reported emanate from an undisciplined police force. In most cases the senior officials de-motivate the junior recruits by showing poor examples. The first proposal would be to undertake a thorough study of all the senior officials in the force who have been in service for more than five years. A committee would conduct reviews. The finding of this committee would be filed quickly and an action plan would be formulated within 24 hours of completion of a batch of interview.

The people who have been accused of theft would be treated differently. They would be under the surveillance of a fact finding committee comprising of the best and the toughest officers, who will submit reports on their behavioral patterns and any anomaly that they may observe on a weekly basis. The slightest of errors on the part of the tainted officers would take them closer to suspension. There would be provisions to ensure that eligible and deserving people are rewarded and promoted.

A process of weeding out corrupt, inefficient and inept officials would be initiated right away. Hiring a Chartered Accountant The department would hire services of a reputed chartered accountant firm, who would perform an audit and submit a report within one month. They are supposed to pin point if there is any case of misappropriation of funds. They are to find how the funds allocated have been used and what the plausible causes of the current financial crisis are. They would propose a remedy and chart out a road map for fiscal recovery.