Energy Sources essay

Energy conservation is one of the most important issues in these times, as there are predictions by global environmentalists that the planet earth would short fall of energy leaving dark times for future generations. Therefore, turning off the lights and computer systems when not in use, closing water taps, sealing water leakages and using car fuels quite efficiently is the most important job ahead for every resident with the fact that, without proper care in laundry, there is a possibility that even new clothes would get worn out.

Each washroom and a balcony can have a plant for each apartment that spreads the greenery and contributes to the reduce of the CO2 emission level in the air. This is also important in order to reduce health hazards both for parents and children. Renewable vs. nonrenewable To make a cup of coffee, gas or electricity energy is required to heat milk. To drive a car, fuel energy is required. Therefore there are many forms of energy that exist such as thermal, radiant, chemical, electrical and mechanical. There is no mechanism without the power of energy. Energy is divided into two types.

The first is renewable which includes biomass energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, tidal energy and geothermal energy. The second type of energy is non-renewable energy which includes oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy. Renewable energy sources enable recyclical which means there is power generation with wind, sun and water and there are quite abundant whereas non-renewable energy such as oil and natural gas are from the fossils of animals and plants and once the oil reserves are ended, there are serious problems that occur to petroleum industry sector.

Coal is also a non-renewable energy which is also called as black rock which turns from the mass of a hardened mud. Methods to conserve and help the environment Firstly, please keep the surroundings quite neat and clean. Dispose of the waste only in a trash can. Plants are most helpful in keeping the interiors quite fresh and clean. Help others to get encouraged and provide flower seeds, vegetation seeds or indoor plants such as cactus or a Christmas tree. Trees are quite low in cost and can easily be planted within the premises of apartment.

Tomatoes, radish, green chillies, spinach can easily be grown at home. The second method is to reduce the use of electricity such as in voltage of power and brightness that is required in washroom or living room can be assessed and fix the lamps accordingly. When on a holiday, turn off the refrigerator, Air conditioners, fans, tube lights, chandeliers, computer systems, room heaters, geysers or turn off the main switch. Third method is to sell the car which is not fuel efficient and give the car for servicing in order to check the fuel efficiency regularly.

One good advice is to sell off car once it reaches an age of 3yrs or more as there is every chance that fuel efficiency would drastically come down and more dollars have to be spent to pump the fuel. Government efforts Government must put efforts to encourage to set up more hydroelectric plants, wind power generation plants, geothermal power plants, solar heating systems and explore fuels that carry more than 85 percent of ethanol in gasoline. Government can also introduce electric cars, solar cars, hydrogen cars that emit less gas and pollution into the air.

Industries that emit less green house gases must be given tax rebate or an award of recognition. Public roads and transport areas must have sufficient plants which help to reduce the pollution in the environment. Conclusion Being aware of pollution, conservation of energy and protection of environment enables each resident to take up some responsibility to preserve and protect energy. The slogan is: Turn off the light, when not in use. Power a plant, to save energy, Shut up and drive, save fuel. Water is a life saver, do not waste it. Cooperate and practice the above as a good resident.

Life is precious, you live and let others live. Save environment and protect it.


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