Energy crisis essay

Energy crisis has always been a fear for us humans who depend entirely on it to power our lives. Even a person on a low cash budget requires energy in the form of oil/gas to power a car, energy as electricity to power a coffee maker, energy in the form of movement to walk around the office etc. According to research, energy created by human activity in a daily routine goes wasted. When a person is sleeping, eating, walking or doing any sort of motion, energy is being released that goes to waste.

Harnessing this energy is the new alternative to non-renewable energy problems especially in the wake of ceiling oil prices. Scientists have discovered that both thermal and kinetic energy can be harnessed by using ______. This technology has already being applied in bicycles, gyms and wrist watches though at a small scale. The main technologies used for this are, that uses mechanical stress to polarize the crystals to generate electricity, and Dynamos, that convert mechanical rotation into direct current.

Installing sensors and energy transforming units in the equipment that we use daily, enough energy can be made to power a small room. Although this technology looks promising, several impediments stand in the way for its full scale application. Since Piezoelectricity and application of home equipment with dynamos are new technologies, their development costs are high and their usage is expected to be low without much public involvement.

Additionally their advantage in terms of high generation of power is not highly encouraging thus these technologies are progressing but only at a slow pace. At the moment installing dynamos in gym equipments looks the most promising as this is already being tested and is showing agreeable results. As people become more aware of the need for alternative energy and start to take care of the environment, green technologies like dynamos are likely to be used more often in the future.