Thecartoon on page 455 depicts one “businessdog” talking withanother about job benefits. What is your reaction to the idea that acompany will put workers “to sleep at its own expense?” Whatinsights does the cartoon give you into Goodman’s essay about workin the corporate world? Write an in which you describe the idealemployee-management relationship. For support, use examples fromGoodman’s essay, the cartoon, or your own work experience andobservations.

Accordingto my perception puttingworkers “to sleep at its own expense?”implies that thecorporation will kill workers the manner a veterinary could jab asick pet. I could say that the management employee relation is notperfect in corporate world since the workers are undermined oroppressed by the management in terms of employment benefits such ashousing and pay. It is very sad that the company may decide to layoff workers or kill them because workers campaign for their benefits.From the cartoon incidence, there are several insights that emerge.First it is clear that today’s employee-management relationship isat its worst stage because management has failed to address the needsof employees in terms of employment benefits. Also, employees have novoice in the management of a company even in the decision-makingprocess. Thus, employees can be fired anyhow if they show any signsof disrespect at the company’s expense. There, from Incidences inthe Goodman’s essay, an ideal employee-management relationship isone which has clear communication and understanding, it is goaloriented, and organized plus detail oriented. Second an idealemployee-management relationship is one which is adaptable becausebusinesssetting is forever changing and hopefully expanding and growingquickly.1When the employee discusses employee benefits with the management, itmeans that their work in the organization has improved and they needto be recognized in terms of benefits. So the management must respondto employee concerns and ensure that they tend to such needs.



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