Employee Compensation and Benefits essay

EmployeeCompensation and Benefits

Thehuman resource department is tasked with addressing various needs ofemployees. One of its well-known tasks is hiring and designing acompensation and benefits plan. The practice is quite intricate sinceit involves several factors. In that regard, creating a packagerequires one to be cautious of employee needs so as to achieve theright balance. An employee must not be underpaid or overpaid. Manystructures consider the type of job, the number of working hours,educational background, experience in the particular occupation andgeographical location among others. In this paper, a compensationpackage will be derived. Secretaries across different organizationshave varied salary scales. Companies do not have to borrow the scalefrom others. Instead, they should obtain theirs following the amountof work done [ CITATION Pay16 l 1033 ].

Designingthe salary structure

Awage structure ought to incorporate a variety of entities tosufficiently suit the employees. Before looking at the structureregarding monetary compensation, it is appropriate to view theresponsibilities they have [ CITATION Mil12 l 1033 ].

Thesecretary to be hired will work in an institution of higher learning.The responsibilities bestowed on institutional secretaries are quitecrucial in promoting excellence. They are supposed to champion goodgovernance. Most of them work with chancellors, vice-chancellors, andother communities that run the institution. Therefore, they have tobe suitably qualified to partake of these duties effectively. Sincethey attend council meetings, they ought to be highly knowledgeableto advise them when the need arises. Secretaries are not just passivemembers of a committee where they only record the events. Instead,they are active contributors who help out in decision making. Thecommon tasks undertaken by university secretaries include thefollowing:

  • Maintaining diaries

  • Managing database

  • Arranging appointments

  • Handling correspondence

  • Liaising with relevant organizations

  • Audio and copy typing

  • Dealing with telephone and email inquiries

Theapplicants must also have the following degree and HND subjects toboost their chances of getting employment.

  • Business or management

  • Business with languages

  • Secretarial Studies

  • Government or public administration

  • Law

Apartfrom the qualifications, they should also possess the skills below

  • Project management skills

  • Excellent in both oral and written communication skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Confident

  • Teamwork

  • Reliability and honesty

  • Able to manage pressure

  • Able to plan and prioritize works

Arich knowledge in IT is also fundamental for anyone applying for thepost. Due to the workload involved, secretaries’ compensationpackage follows a distinctive route. In this particular structure,the experience, education background and the working hours areconsidered [ CITATION Dav09 l 1033 ].

Asper expertise in the respective field

0– 5 years – entry level – range of $24,996 to $40,008 /year

6– 11 years – mid-career level – range of $27,000 to$57,996/year

12years and above – experienced level – range of $45,000 to$67,008/year

Mostprofessionals do not stick in this field in the long term.

Asper the education background

Degreeonly – normal salary as per the levels of experience – 9.6%

Degree+ a professional course especially secretariat

Theaverage number of working hours is eight and using the levels below,the worker should be compensated accordingly for extra operatinghours. The applicants will be considered using the above mechanismsso as to ensure the secretary is paid by the tasks he/she undertakes[CITATION Hav l 1033 ].

Generaloutlook of the compensation plan

Entry level secretary

Working hours (8)

$12.5 per hour


9.6 % of the monthly salary as per normal working hours

Over time

$15 per hour

Bonuses as per performance

$21 per month

Medium level secretary

Working hours (8)

$13.5 per hour


9.6 % of the monthly salary as per normal working hours

Over time

$17 per hour

Bonuses as per performance

$21 per month

Experienced secretary

Working hours (8)

$21.3 per hour


9.6 % of the monthly salary as per normal working hours

Over time

$20 per hour

Bonuses as per performance

$21 per month


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