Ellen Harvey essay


Finding the right mentor in an organization is an incomparable avenuetowards success in one’s career. Effective mentors are passionateand patient when directing their students. They do not give up duethe shortcomings of the mentees. They let them on their own afterstrengthening their autonomy to deliver the expected outcomes. EllenHarvey learns under the mentorship of Tom, who is a senior partner inthe firm. Ellen acknowledges the role played by Tom in her careerdevelopment. Tom realized her capabilities and indirectly influencedher not to leave the firm and upon reconsidering her decision toquit, Tom embarked on a long yet fruitful process of mentoring her.

Ellen got a chance to deal with high-end clients locally andsometimes traveling to other countries to meet them (Narayandas etal., 2015). The firm’s exposure to Wall Street bankers and otherelite organizations instills the basic skills in the young employees.Tom works with a team of go-getters who are aggressive in achievingtheir objectives. Introducing Ellen to the group proved to be thefastest way to developing her career in the accounting firm(Narayandas et al., 2015).

Tom is different from other partners that Ellen had encountered inthe firm. His high performance and ability to deal with clients inthe most assuaging way led to the senior management inviting him intothe senior team (Narayandas et al., 2015). However, Tom turned downthe offer and chose to work with clients. Tom is also unique in theway he associates with his team. He breaks the social distance byinviting them to couples’ games and parties in his home. Duringinternational assignments, Tom treats his team equally, and heprefers the public transport as opposed to the airport limousines.According to him, one comes into contact with people more when usingeth public means. His method of instruction is also informal, and heteaches Ellen never to confront a client no matter their ignorance ofthe current accounting methods (Narayandas et al., 2015). Gradually,Ellen begins picking Tom’s behaviors when approaching clients.

Ellen also proves to be patient even when she does not appear on thelist of the recognized junior partners. As an effective mentor, Tominforms Ellen that her career growth is not a sprint but rather amarathon. Her contribution to the firm would be recognized in thelong run (Narayandas et al., 2015). The problem arises when Tomdecides to retire. Ellen will lose her long-time mentor and friend.However, she can deal with the problem is several ways.

First, Tom mentored a team of young professionals, and Ellen canapproach them to exchange notes. Since they have learned under thesame mentor, it is possible that they have a wide range of similarattitudes towards clients (Narayandas et al., 2015). Also, Ellen hasidentified Hellen, a senior partner whom she can approach for furtherguidance in times of need.

Conclusively, the association between Tom and Ellen describes afruitful relationship between a mentor and a learner. Tom does notexit the stage until she earns Ellen a place in the Partners’ team.He is confident that she will be an imperative input in the team.When he retires, he leaves behind a strong team of youngprofessionals who can assist each other. Ellen, therefore, shouldadjust quickly to the departure of Tom and develop a relationshipwith the new team.


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