EH 1020, English Composition II essay

EH1020, English Composition II

Froma tender age, children are taught how to read and write, a processthat takes patience and commitment from their tutors. The processbegins by knowing how to hold a pen by the children, and this givesthem freedom so that they can be able to play using it. With time,however, the children can construct sensible sentences and convertspoken words into written content and vice versa. This act becomesmore complicated as they develop, both intellectually andacademically. Writing academic papers is significantly different towriting class notes and informal documents. The main reason is thatit necessitate a process and structure that is acknowledged widely inthe academic world.

Adjustingto this form of writing is not easy in any way but is not beyondreach nonetheless. The first step involves getting in-tune with thewriting process, which ideally differs between writers. From apersonal perspective, the process involves: understanding thequestion setting a goal(s) for the paper research arrangement andrecord of information review and submission of the final copy.Grammar and styling are an intricate part of this process and arecentral to a proper academic paper. The syntax used should be formaland avoid the use of informal fallacies. Another factor to beconsidered in writing an academic paper is paragraph cohesionthroughout the paper. These should be interlinked and flow smoothlyfor a reader to gain optimal information from the work.

Allthis information and techniques could not have been achieved withoutactive participation in writing. Mistakes are made in the processwhile additional information gained through extensive reading andadvice from peers and superiors. At one time, researching techniqueshad proved to be a challenge, taking up a lot of time in the process.Advice and guidance made this easier and more efficient. Theexperience continues to build and grow to this day into awell-experienced writer, which is the end goal.