Effects of technology essay

The Internet is a global data communications system which interchanges data through internet Protocol Suite. It is a hardware and software infrastructure that provides connectivity between computers. It has unlimited source of information and data. It carries various information such as; electronic mails, online messaging, exchanging of emails, file transfer, file sharing and online gaming. People worldwide are able to send and receive electronic mails and also faxes. Instant messaging can be used by the employees and the employers in downward and upwards communications.

File transfer is made easier when people are using instant messages and also sending attachments via E-mails and through file transfer, files sharing and photo sharing. Effective calls are made through the internet either internationally or locally. Friends and relatives are able to exchange mails without barrier in the cyber space with more confidentiality and efficiency. Though online gaming, people are able to entertain themselves wherever they are worldwide because they can engage in the same game. Downloading of games and programs is now available through the internet .

Commercial websites like EBay are available that makes customers to purchase and order goods. This is done through the help of the internet and credit cards. Purchasing music, movies and programs is done online and instead of using the snail mail to send, buyers are given a link by the sellers and are able to download and store. Internet is helpful to researches for they are able to get information with the help of the search engines like Google, yahoo, American online MSN and others. After the research, they also submit it for review.

Some Universities offer effective Distance learning to their Students through the internet. The students sits for their examinations online, downloads books online, does their researches online, they also submits their examination through the help of the internet and gets their results. In the modern offices the intellectual men have developed a lot because of interaction with other intellectuals though the internet. Some companies offer online employments and are able to pay through internet. However, the internet has negative effects such as Mind pollution, Child pornography, hacking of credit cards and passwords.

Mind pollution is brought about when people uses most of their times browsing and surfing some sites. Child pornography has become rampant in most of the countries. Hackers through the help of spywares are able to hack owner’s password and pin numbers alter the payments. Internet is very helpful means of technology but also very harmful. Without internet, communication would be very inefficient and also expensive and less reliable.


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