Effective Communication at Workplace essay


EffectiveCommunication at Workplace

EffectiveCommunication at Workplace

Effectivecommunication is very important in virtually every organization,whether business enterprise or a public institution. I experiencedeffective workplace communication when my relatives and I visited alocal commercial hospital, taking our grandmother for treatment. Wetook her to a local private hospital for her diabetes treatment. Thehospital had branches in many states in the country. When we arrivedthe paramedics and the nurses greeted us well and took us to theemergency department where they introduced us to the doctor on calland explained to us about the problem and possible treatmentschedules. The doctor gave the nurses instructions on how to proceedwith the treatment in a courteous manner. In about an hour we wereoff the hospital and my grandmother was feeling much better thanbefore.

Thecommunication between us and the doctor and nurses was effectivebecause it was polite and courteous. They empathized with ourgrandmother and wished her quick recovery. They listened to hercomplaints attentively and gave timely responses. They even explainedeverything concerning my grandmother’s illness and got an informedconsent to start the treatment. This means that we were able tounderstand what treatment she would receive and subsequent follow up. Such effective communication is very beneficial to the hospitalbecause it improves customer/patient relationship with the caregivers. Improved relationship is reflected in patient’s preferencefor the hospital increasing their revenues and improving care for thepatients.

Thecommunication was also effective because it was fostered good rapportbetween the staff members. The doctor and the nurses conversed in arespectful manner without undermining each other. The doctor gavetreatment instructions politely and the nurses attended to mygrandmother effectively. Such a good atmosphere and good relationshipbetween staff is vital in improving care to patients and buildingteamwork. The hospital would benefit immensely from such staff teamwork through interdependence in terms of division of labor, timelytreatments and good customer relations. Ultimately, more people wouldprefer the hospital to others increasing their customer base andrevenues.

Thecommunication was effective because the doctors and the nurses usedsimple words and created a receptive atmosphere. They did not bombardus with hard medical jargon, but instead used the language we couldall understand. They listened to us and used appropriate gestures andinquisitive remarks to try and analyze the complaints put forward byour grandmother. Such use of simple words and effective listeningskills is critical in a hospital set up because it determinesdiagnosis and treatment decisions without leaving any stone unturned.It also motivates the patients since they learn that the doctors andnurses care and empathize with them rather than being seen as sickcases. It humanizes healthcare. The hospital benefits from timely andcorrect diagnoses without carrying out unnecessary tests which couldbe expensive and time consuming. This saves the hospital a lot ofoperational costs.

Inconclusion, effective communication is very important in all aspectsof life. I experienced one such case in private hospital setup whenwe took our grandmother for diabetes treatment. The nurses and doctorused polite and courteous language. They also related well amongstthemselves and communicated effectively. Their choice of simple wordshelped us to understand the nature of the illness. They also createda receptive atmosphere where they allowed grandmother to express hercomplaints fully. Such communication skills had an impact to thehospital because it reduced time wastage, provided timely diagnosisand treatment, improved customer relations and ultimately wouldincrease revenue since more patients would want to go there.