Educational System in America essay

A wise man once said, if education is expensive, try ignorance. The role of education is perhaps the most important aspect in the development and growth of any country. The developed countries reached their height in development through their concentration and development of their educational sector. One thing that has singled out the advanced nations to their other counterpart in the third world regions is the development and their level of literacy. No doubt, education plays a vital role in the progress and advancement of our nation, America.

If our nation must continue to stand out in development and as a world leader, her people must be well educated and this starts with a conscious development and improvement on our educational systems, to reflect what we desire to achieve, a global leader. The role education plays in any society can not be overemphasized. It is a sure way of improving the quality of lives of the people. Lack of education has often times be linked as a major cause of poverty in the developing nations. This is also based on their myopic culture and beliefs that education is not necessary to live a qualitative life.

America must not get involve in this web. America is ranked as one of the leading industrial nations of the world, not because of our abundant resources, but due to the fact that it has concentrated on the development and empowerment of her citizenry through the provision of affordable and qualitative education and encouragement to acquire education. But this is not without it challenges. It is therefore important to identify some of the problems that are hindering the progress of our educational system and their required solution.

Lack of proper funding for public schools: The average American child whose parent can not afford the high fee paid in private schools will no doubt enroll their ward in the nearest public school. But the concern has been the lack of funding for this category of schools. “Public education is free, but an excellent public education is not free at this point,” said Janet Berry, president of the Davis Schools Foundation, which recently launched the Dollar-a-Day campaign, urging citizens of the city near Sacramento to donate $365 per child, grandchild or student acquaintance.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget would cut about $4. 8 billion in education funding this year and next. As a result, potential layoff notices have been issued to 20,000 teachers, librarians, nurses and others. ( Mehta, Los Angeles Times, April 19, 2008. ) This has been a major challenge in most America public school. They have resulted to charity and foundations to save their schools and some times get involver in odd jobs to raise funds for their school project and most especially to save the work of their teachers.

Lack of adequate infrastructure: The problem of school infrastructure has also been a major concern in American schools. The irresponsible attitude of government to school development especially the public school has called for a major review of school funding. According to1999 Department of Education report, it concluded that, as of 1999, $127 billion was needed to bring the nation’s school facilities into good overall condition. The National Education Association (NEA) reported in 2000 that the need was even greater, more than $268 billion.

3 Also, there are a lot of reformations that our education system needs to witness and if given the permission, i would effect change in the following areas. Funding: The lack of funding that has characterized our education sector most especially in the public school arena has to change. States have to give proper funding to education in their budgets, in both infrastructure development and in payment of their teachers salaries. Discrimination:

The discrimination that exist between the private and public school has to stop. Both private and public schools should be given equal opportunity in all areas of government assistance. Introduction of moral values. The American society is known to have witnessed series of school violence over time. This is as a result of the breakdown in their moral and family vales. An introduction of moral classes in our schools will go a long way in reducing the rate of violence in our school and society at large.

Although, the American system has produced great men over time, it can still retune to it former pride of the world. The development of education can not be solely handled by the federal government, this has also called for contributions from wealthy Americans who know the value of education. In conclusion, if America must retain its position as the leader in the global community, it must move fast in applying these reforms and more. God bless America.

Reference: The Los Angles Times: The Public school. April 19, 2008