Educational community essay

Postmodernism refers to the time in history when there is a shift in the non art components. This event marked the development in three areas, namely culture, society and economy, and changes to these areas are the result of changes in the postmodern society. It has disadvantages, one of which is the idea that it is concrete. Moreover, it has caused science to become more political in nature. It affects science in such a way that controversial issues associated with scientific research serve political agenda. Simply put, politics get in the way of scientific research when in truth scientific research can benefit humans.

Another disadvantage associated with postmodernism is that its complex style of writing makes drawing useful conclusions a challenging task. This can be explained by the fact that the complexity causes difficulty in internalizing postmodern theories and ideas. Moreover, educational researchers are challenged because postmodernism is associated with lack of communication among the educational community. Phenomenology, on the other hand, studies experiences or phenomena including the meanings of these experiences for human beings.

It also studies perception, thought, memory, imagination, emotion and desire, things that are associated to human experience. Phenomenology can also be a substitute for postmodernism, as the latter is concerned with human advancement through technology than with actual human experience. However, technologies such as computer and digital technology have progressed in recent years. Humans have relied heavily on them, which somehow caused social connections to suffer. Today it is no longer important that people communicate face to face; they do it through email and text messaging instead. This caused human experience to decrease.