Education in America essay

The education system in the world has greatly changed between the early nineties and the late nineties. Education systems have expanded and a lot of changes have been experienced in the system. Technology has evolved and use of more computerized systems is being used as the manual work is being phased out. More schools have also been built which range from the elementary level to the higher education leveled universities. Globalization was one of the major social changes in the world, which has brought about many social, economical and technological changes.

Globalization leads to availability of education throughout the world especially in the third world countries hence reducing illiteracy and creating a literate world. Though it was slow in the nineties, it constituted the major changes that took place in the world among them being negative such as slavery and the misery of immigrants and though it increases productivity, it does not increase human welfare instantly. Education therefore being one of the few forces affected by globalization has the potential to reduce the negative effects of globalization by embracing culture diversity in our society.

Previously, the federal government of the United States had no role in education, however with time; it stated funding the higher education especially during the world war11 due to the nee nod scientific research . the government therefore partnered with the universities so as to enable quality research which was being conducted there. An act was also passed which enabled the federal government to provide financial assistance to eligible students and as per now the major roles of the federal government is to fund higher education especially the students and funding for research.

According to Maney, (1998), Paulo Fraire gives two types of education which are unconscious or practical knowledge. This is the kind where a person’s conscious exposes itself to facts and deeds of the world without questioning them or looking for the reasons as to why they are there. This type is also referred to as knowing because there knows and is as a result of pure experience. Critical, reflective or theory kind of education however is the one where our minds question the reason why there are certain facts and deeds.

It is where we tend to be closer and investigate and therefore have another kind of knowing from an investigator other than common sense. These two types of education mean that there is the type, which a person can be able to learn on his or her own, and another where one has to attend a class or require an explanation for him or her to understand. (Maney, 1998). Dialogue can be termed as a speech or a talk between two people, one of the importances of dialogue is to understand and be aware of what is happening around us, it brings meaning and also empowers people.

Language on the other hand language is the terms and words that people use and which helps them to communicate, connect and understand each other and share knowledge which leads to improvement and development. Education has a role to play in cubing ills in the society by using the knowledge, skills, capabilities, qualities and attitudes learnt to educate those involved in the ills and also the society in general on how to prevent the ills.

Lawyers and judges for example use their education to help reduce crimes in the country and the world at large. United States of America president Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the four freedoms speech which is referred to as the fdr’s freedoms speech. This speech is very important to today’s American values. The first is the freedom of speech and expression which is everywhere in the world, the second is the freedom of worship where a person is free to worship God in his own way.

The third freedom is the freedom of want which refers to economic understanding while the final is the freedom from fear, which deters acts of aggression. The importance of these freedoms in America is that, they allow a person to lead his or her lifestyle without fear of victimization and also brings sanity and economic development. (Roosevelt, 1946). Due to the FDR’s freedoms speech, Americans character has changed in that they practice their freedoms more freely compared to other countries.

Social changes have been affected by these beliefs in that many denominations have come up which continue to cause confusion to the society; speeches have also been made which trigger fear and hatred among people hence affecting social lives of people. Educational ideas in America have been developed as a result of the FDR’s freedoms speech. People have come up with different ideas and suggestions in regard to the speech and also the educational ideas are based on that famous speech.

In conclusion, education in America has changed a lot due to various reasons and factors that evolve from day to day life. It has enabled to educate the world and make people literate and also caused changes in the society, which lead to development of the country and the world at large.


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