Education For Children With Special Needs essay

Drug abuse

Other responsibilities

Irresponsible parents

Need for specialized care


Adam has a sister who has complications because of the excessive consumption of alcohol by her parents. This has also led to Adam having a rough time as he is unable to interact with her sister as she stays at the institution where she recieves special care

Adam also faces the challenge of lack of specialised care as there are other responsibilities such as taking care of the sister and also the grandparents need to take care of themselves

Adam’s parents are irresponsible where we are told that his father has never made any contact with his children while his mother has left the responsibility to her parents who are adam’s grandparents

Adam having a speciall need may not be in a position to attend any normal institution thus there may be need to have a special program to cater for his education

Adams grandparents are reluctant to provide for his education needs where they feel that the school where he attends should provide for all his school needs while they provide for all other home needs

Iwould advocate that parent be personally responsible for all theirchildren’s needs and be part of their children’s educationalwell-being as well as all other aspects. It can be achieved by havinga record of the child’s personal details to help curb the issue ofirresponsible parents who leave their children without fending forthem. A good relationship between the teacher and the guardian orparent should also be maintained as this would come in handy in thedevelopment of the child’s academic performance, both in academicand social life

Adam’sphysical and emotional needs are of great essence and should behandled in the best way possible. Information is a vital element toincreasing parental involvement and technology is vital as itprovides an easy platform where institutions can easily communicateto the parents or guardians. It is important for parents or guardiansto communicate to teachers if they are interested in the well-beingof a child’s academic activities in school aswell as day to dayactivities of a child. It can be enhanced by the parent andteacher having a relatively smooth channel where they can interact, this can be achieved via a number of ways (Will, 1998).

Emails may be a useful platform as teachers can easily accessindividual parents and be able o discuss the child’s issues and beable to deal with them without actually meeting. An institution mayalso provide E-newsletters which are sending to individual parentswith a summary of issues at hand, and this may turn to be veryefficient. Allocation of funds in fields like websites where teacherscan communicate openly with the parents and exchange ideas which maybe of positive outcomes to the needy children. Parents portals whereparents can counteract amongst themselves.

Phone calling systems where parents may call in to check on theirchildren’s welfare when they are not in a position to access theinstitutions among many other upcoming technologies on the socialmedia platform. Research needs to be done o as to increase theeffectiveness of technology to help improve parent involvement in thewelfare of their children as teachers and parents play a veryvital role in the development of a child’s growth. Dettmer(2002)


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