Economic Growth in China essay

China has expanded as an economic power due to the support it has gained from the fiscal policy that has made it possible to be favored by foreign investors. These foreign investors have acted in the capacity of a driving force for attracting other foreign investors in the region. The strong economic growth was as a result of the Chinas geographical position and the coastal areas that played a very essential role in encouraging foreign investors to come to China and invest spurring economic growth (Arbolino, 2008). There are many geographical features that have enabled China to continue growing economically.

Geographical features that have enabled China to grow economically The Sichuan province in China is nick named the heavenly land and it is located in the upper of Yangtze River. This is the fifth largest province among all the provinces in China and it covers 485,000 sq km. The capital of this province is Chengdu and it is considered to be the business hub for the western. It is also a major centre for communication, transportation, finance, science and technology and trade (Ying, 1994). The geographical features in Sichuan province are mountainous areas, plateaus with some plains.

The province can be subdivided into two that is the basins on the eastern part and plateaus and mountains in the western part. Areas with such geographical features make it hard for the construction of transport and communication system (Ministry of commerce, 2007). Such features would be considered a great liability in any country, since they increase the cost of building railways and roads. The massive growth of infrastructure in most Chinese provinces is what has spurred economic growth within the country and attracted foreign investors from other countries.

Sichuan has an international airport in Chengdu and other smaller airports within the region totaling up to 9. The international airport handles 30 flights internationally and many more domestic flights. The rail lines are electrified and the road network is superb. Sichuan province has trade and stable economic relationships with over 100 countries and the rest of the provinces within China due to the modern up to state infrastructure. The two main rivers in China are Huang He and Yangtze Rivers which are located in the central East.

The most lands that are arable in China are along these two rivers (Ministry of commerce, 2007). Guangxi province has a lot of water resources since many rivers traverse through the region enabling it to provide the energy potential that is needed in industries within China. China has some tropic zone seacoasts such as Beibu bay which makes it favorable for growing and breeding different species of fish. These fish are of great value economically to China. This tropic sea coasts makes China vulnerable to sea storms which causes a lot of destruction and loss of life. Conclusion

China has taken its geographic features that would have made it difficult for movement goods and ideas and isolated the country from the rest of the world and turned them to assets that have led to the tremendous economic growth in China over the last decade. The mountainous, plateaus, hills and the coastlines of China have been turned into tourist attraction sites increasing the growth of economy in China. It is clear that China has taken the liabilities that would have been caused by the geographical features and turned them into assets spurring the economic growth.


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