Ecological Ecosystem essay

The change that could observe in an organism in over a period of time is termed as ecological succession. Usually it is in the species structure where the change occurring is evident. This process could lead to various changes in the community where the species is found. The species could encounter endangerment or abundance depending on the change that has occurred in their structure. The process of change evident in the structure of a given species in a particular ecosystem in a given period of time is “ecological succession”.

In what way or under what circumstance does ecological succession take place? In different environments where certain species thrive, there are conditions which are most favorable and which aren’t for certain type of species. For every environment, the type of species which produce most efficiently are those that become more abundant than other set and type of species. If the environmental conditions in a given ecosystem are constant, the type of species which are optimally adapted to that area and conditions would thrive and flourish continuously.

Just as the environmental conditions have impacts on the species; the species thriving in the area also has impacts on their ecosystem. The species present in a given ecosystem may also alter the conditions of the ecosystem.

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