Eating Habits essay

The list of everything I have eaten in the last 24 hours includes the following: I had a cup of espresso with sugar and cream, a toasted sandwich with cheese, tomato and a slice of lean ham, and a piece of chocolate cake for the breakfast; then, I had some chicken soup with vegetables and rice, a salad with tomato, white cheese, sweet corn, green olives and pieces of bacon, chicken nuggets, some fruit for the lunch; in the afternoon I had a glass of apple juice and a chocolate bar as a snack; and, finally, in the evening I had two slices of pizza with mushrooms, pieces of chicken meat, cheese and tomato, some homemade vanilla pudding, a piece of chocolate cake and an icy banana milkshake.

Certainly, social tendencies and trends influence our eating habits and eating behavior to a great extent. It is possible to name several major social factors, such as our socio-economic status, age, cultural backgrounds, housing, current social trends, etc. , that impact our eating habits. For example, about a decade ago many people started eating Chinese and Japanese food because it was supposed to be trendy. Also, such social phenomenon as advertising has a great influence on our eating behavior. For example, I myself always have a tendency to try a new menu in McDonald’s or Burger King, or visit a newly opened and well-promoted restaurant in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, in many situations the effects of social influences on our eating behavior is quite negative. In particular, we do not have enough time to cook some homemade meals which are really useful for our organism and do not affect our overall health. Instead, we prefer eating in fast food restaurants or having snacks, such as sandwiches or pizzas, which seriously harm our stomachs and teeth. Besides, modern active night life makes many young people eat and drink very late, and this is also not a healthy eating habit. That is why, as a rule, eating behavior of modern youth and adolescents can not meet the requirements of healthy nutrition strategies and dietary recommendations.