Easter Island essay

1Easter Island, that was “discovered” by a Dutch Admiral on Easter Sunday of 1722 is a case demonstrating big lesson to the humanity. a. The death of Easter Island used to be of very mysterious nature to many, even to anthropologists and scientists. However, it was discovered and observed that the existence of the island was neither mysterious nor a lost civilization. The degradation of the island, its community and civilization was caused by its people. bThe hypothetical facts behind the decline of the island’s civilization and complete erasure of its existence is based on environmental abuse and severe deforestation of the entire island.

This was done to make the island’s stone statues and support their so called “advancement” and beliefs. There were no efforts made to restore the treeless island for its own sustainability. It was all clan competitions on erecting statues that made the island inhabitants happy and they all focused in it. cThe result of the above mentioned activities and harsh treatment of nature cause very harsh effect to the island as well. With lack of trees, the inhabitants were even forced to live in caves instead of constructing proper shelters. This further resulted to stone diggings from hillsides which is another anti-environment activity.

All these caused soil erosion and decline in crop yields eventually making the inhabitants hungered. Since there were no trees, building of boats or canoes were impossible causing them to stay in the island only. With these continuing conditions, the population could not sustain itself and in the long-run, they diminished. 2 I strongly agree that the case of Easter island is a big lesson for the humanity, especially on the use and treatment of the earth’s natural resources. It is very important to understand that without nature supporting human life, there would be no humanity at all. Why? First is the question of food.

Without food and clean water that are both provided by nature, humans would not live. Moreover, without proper care for nature, calamities do happen such as flood for lack of trees, land slides, all kind of pollution, contamination, diseases, sickness and many others. With these, humans are either killed through calamities or sickness and health problems when nature is abused and challenged. One big lesson from Easter Island case is to take good care of the environment!


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