Dying plant essay

The most incredible way the designer of the universe has chosen to reveal his hopes and dreams for our lives has been through the interpretation of dreams. I realized this many years ago after receiving a vision in a dream where I saw a magnificent hand reaching down from the heavens to rescue a dying plant.

This image moved me not only because it was an intense display of compassion, but also because of the powerful symbolism representing the plant as life itself and the extended hand as a symbol of deep caring love. The power of the dream was so profound I wanted the entire world to envision it. This provided inspiration for Eyes Volume I. Eyes Volume I. is the first in a series of incredibly unique, original and thought-provoking books. Eyes Volume I remains an intriguing and “eye-opening” examination of humanity.

Its subject matter deals with compassion to one’s fellow man, personal health and fitness, achieving wealth and prosperity, maintaining dignity, understanding those who are hostile towards us, developing strong listening skills, and understanding the infallibility of the word and much more. This hardback book combines powerful prose with Sonya Jarrett’s colorful artwork to present positive, life-enriching words of wisdom and is sure to impact every reader in a positive manner.