Dreams and ambitions essay

This question really makes me think of what I really want to be in the next ten years of my life. I ponder a moment and try to search my heart what am I really desiring to accomplish? Yes, it is free to dream but its success lies in my hands. A dream is always a dream if I will not do my part to make it into a reality. Honestly, just like everyone, I want to be the richest person of the world so that I can buy the things which I cannot afford at the moment. I want to see myself stable in all my ways—may it be emotionally, spiritually and financially.

For the next years of my life, I want to have a stable job with a good salary or a good family business (a company) that can be able to support the needs of my family and can give jobs to the unemployed. By that time, I am already married so I want to build a God-fearing family, too, since our morals and values nowadays are deteriorating and a marriage for life. I would like to involve myself in charities and build an orphanage so that I can provide shelter and help for those children that are less fortunate.

I would also like to extend my involvement in missions to the third world countries by giving them my financial assistance to uplift their standard of living. However, this dream will not come to reality if I will not be diligent in studying my lessons. I always consider that education is the best tool for me to achieve my dreams and ambitions. Education is the only wealth which my parents can leave me that cannot be stolen by others. Knowledge is a key for my future success.

As early as now, I should prioritize my studies and should know my limitations as a young individual. I only have one life to play; so I will play it skillfully. As a high school student, there are a lot of temptations—temptation of not coming to school because of friends’ night gimmicks, peer pressures, and different kind of stuffs that will really sidetrack me. But I purpose to my heart that if I really want to be successful in life, I should start it now.

I should study my lessons well and as much as possible submit any requirements of my teachers. If I want to have a discipline life, I should learn to respect and obey them. I need to make wise choices, too, and learn to be helpful with others in my own little way. I should practice now how to be a giver and learn to be a good steward of what God has entrusted me—may it be little or big because little is much when God is in it. I should choose my circle of friends because these people will have great influence in my life.

As the saying goes, “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. ” If my peers are good enough and mindful about our future then I am sure that they have positive impact in my life but if they are in the wrong side, it has a tendency that they will also affect me negatively. The kind of friends that I should have must be a good influence to me. They should also have dreams like me; thus, have strong drive to be successful and not just play around with anyone they like.

I will not get into any relationship yet so that I will stay focus of my studies because I believe someday, somehow that person who is meant for me will just come in the right time. So why should I play around now when I know it is just passing and not for keeps? So after my high school, I will pursue a degree in college or in a university that is related to my favorite field. Then, find a good job and save a lot of money so that my dream to have my own business will come to pass. Through my perseverance and diligence, I know I can be the person whom I want to be.