Dorothy’s decision essay

Example 1 relates to the course concept of the self as an internalization and action from social perspectives. Dorothy‘s communication with her sister Laurel regarding the idea of inviting Jerry Maguire into her house depicts how our family members are a major influence on how we see ourselves. Laurel presents her reflected appraisal of Dorothy’s decision, “downing” it as irresponsible considering that Dorothy is raising a child.

Laurel also downs the idea of Dorothy seeing Jerry Maguire, which she refers to as a drowning man who her sister should not fall for. In the later part of the excerpt, Dorothy uses a social comparison between her struggles as a woman with that of other women. She elaborates by discussing how women her age have a lot more fun living their lives than she does given that she neither has the social freedom other single non-mothers have nor the security of a good, providing husband that non-single mothers have.

Finally, the last part of the excerpt where Dorothy asks her sister how she looks after ranting about how hard her life is and how old she looks for her age shows Dorothy’s social self and its need for approval which was satisfied by Laurel’s “good” and subsequently affirmed by Dorothy’s “thanks. ” Example 2 presents a conflict between Dorothy’s needs as a mother and her needs as a woman.

As with any conflict, Dorothy is aware of the disagreement in her conversation with Laurel who points out how her having children takes away her right to act on hurt emotions without considering the welfare of her child, an argument that is grounded on Well Child exams costs. Dorothy on the other hand emphasizes the gravity of the emotional hurt caused by what was written.

This conflict can be viewed as a win-lose situation. If Dorothy did not leave her man, the child would have stood a better financial chance but her emotions would have suffered more gravely. Having left gave her emotional respite and satisfaction but now leaves her at a disadvantage in providing for her child.

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