Donald Trump’s Campaign essay


DonaldTrump’s Campaign

DonaldTrump’s Campaign

DonaldTrump’s Strategy for Winning the Nomination

DonaldTrump has been tabling his approach ahead at his home state in thewake of the New York primaries nominations. Therefore, his campaignwas aimed at taking a more carefully laid out and disciplinedapproach with the main intention of gaining support from moredelegates in winning the nominations. The first strategy that wasemployed by Donald Trump and his team was ground testing (Trump,2016). It is important to understand that there were a total of 95delegates who were at stake ahead of the nominations that were heldon 19thApril where he Trump was already having a wide lead. Therefore thestrategy that was employed by Trump’s team was picking up supportfrom at least 52% of New York’s GOP primary voters. This was aheadof his competitors who were John Kasich, who had about 25% as well asTed Cruz, who was having the rest of 17% support in MonmouthUniversity polls.

However,Donald Trump had to transverse around the majority of United Statescampaigning since that would have guaranteed him about 50% ofstatewide winning. In addition, this strategy was also aimed atguaranteeing his win in the congressional districts. The facts onstatistics indicated that about 81% of the 95 delegates are morelikely to win 27 of New York’s congressional districts (BallotPedia, 2016). In this regard, Donald Trump had to ensure that he didmuch ground testing in ensuring that he gained most of the supportfrom each district as well as in ensuring that his opponents remainedbelow the 20% threshold. This means that he would be left with themajority of delegates for himself to ensure a win (Ballot Pedia,2016).

Trump’scampaign team also made strategies and recommendations of havingabout as many as seventeen co-chairs of the New York campaign (Trump,2016). Among the seventeen co-chairs, the campaign team included twocongressmen who were spread in all Trumps’ campaigns throughout thestate of New York. It is important to note that these congressmenhave the experience and the know-how of how successful campaigns arecarried. In addition, they are more likely to point out errorscommitted by Trump or his team during the campaigns. Thesecongressmen were specifically included among the co-chairs of the NewYork campaign with the main intention of targeting the congressionaldistricts.

Thesecond strategy that was employed by Donald Trump that ensured hisnomination win was that of crisscrossing the entire country (Trump,2016). Trump employed this strategy using his private jet, which wasa more effective, fast and reliable way of transport. This ensuredthat he met and interact with as many voters as possible. Thisstrategy was employed to counter the discouraging statistics or pollsthat were appearing. It is important also to remember that Trump wasapproximated to reach about 1, 237 delegates that were set before theRepublican convections that were to take place in Cleveland (BallotPedia, 2016).

Itis important to note that, Trump’s team was forced to use itsresources in a more strategic manner that made sure that hisinteraction was heightened with as many voters as possible.Therefore, the campaign team also advised Trump on overlooking othermain events such as the Colorado Convection. Trump had to surroundhimself with very experienced GOP operatives whom he trusted in thedecision making processes throughout the campaign (Cohen et al,2016).

Theother notable strategy that was employed by Donald Trump was theprocess of new hires that involved extensive promotions that wereaired for several weeks (Trump, 2016). This strategy was employed asthe ending strategy that was aimed at making voting deals with themajority of the voters as he was facing severe opposition from theother rival groups. Therefore, as an ending strategy the new hireswould guarantee him more votes and confidence from as many people whowould benefit from this strategy as possible. In addition, duringthis period where that saw new hiring, Trump was making numerousspeeches during his campaigns on various American sensitive issuessuch as the strengthening of the United States’ military as well asin education.

HowDonald Trump’s campaign was developed

TheTrump’s campaign began with extensive meetings with professionalfrontiers in the fields of political campaigns and prominentpolitical media personnel such as Edward Klein, who is known to beClinton’s most media terror for spreading innuendos and rumors(Grant, 2016). His campaign was developed through extensive resourcecontribution, especially in the media. It was indicated that Trumphad spent close to $2.5 million particularly on buying ads during hisnominations in Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Theads feature Trump himself is airing out his sentiments on Americanaffairs while other ad highlights Donald Trump Jr. praises him andgiving reasons why he she be voted as the president of the UnitedStates. The Trump’s campaign has used numerous media ads tocampaign for Trump such as Pro-Trump America PAC, What Kind of man,Voter Speaks, Great Again and numerous Instagram posts made by Trumphimself (Grant, 2016).

Inaddition, his campaign has been developed in manner that been seenattacking his opponents in a personal manner. For instance May 6,2016 at a rally in Oregon, Trump accused Hillary of being the enablerof her husband’s adulterous unfortunate ordeal. In addition, Trumphas made other personal attacks on John Kasich on April 25, 2016where he said that “Kasich eats in a disgusting fashion” whileTed Cruz knows nothing about the economy nor jobs. He further addedthat Cruz’s record as a senator is an indication enough of hisincompetency and failure as a leader (Grant, 2016). This means thatTrumps campaigns were mostly designed to make personal attacksagainst the opponents who are seen too modest to respond to suchdeeply personal attacks made against them, nonetheless somewhat true.

Moreover,Trump developed his campaign from making numerous stops andappearances at major places countrywide using his personal jet. Thismade his campaign more relevant as he seemed close to the voters whomhe sees and interacts with on numerous occasions. In addition tothis, Donald Trump has employed prominent personnel as his campaignadvisors as well as staff from various professional fields in thecountry (Grant, 2016). This development was a sure guarantee that anyflaws during the campaign period would be noticed and worked on in aprofessional manner.

Suchprominent figures employed as part of his campaign team includeSteven Mnuchin who was working for a top company known as DuneCapital Management LP (Grant, 2016). According to Grant (2016),Steven Mnuchin was the Chief executive officer and thus at Trump’steam he was made the national finance chairman. Other prominentpersonnel include Stuart Jolly and Ken McKay, who was the manager forthe presidential campaign of Chris Christie (Grant, 2016).

WhyDonald Trump is succeeding

DonaldTrump has been seen making breakthroughs during the recent campaignperiod, which he had previously indicated that his campaign was as aresult of self-funding in November last year. However, after thisyear’s campaign held in February, statistics indicated that DonaldTrump had made personal contributions that amounted to $17.5 million(Responsive Politics, 2016). However, his campaign had raised about$25.5 million, making his personal contribution to be about 70% ofthis total amount. It was further reported that nearly the whole of$17.5 million emanated from loans. In addition, Trump was said tohave made personal donations that amounted to about $250, 000 thatwas directed to meet the payroll and rent costs of his campaigncommittee (Responsive Politics, 2016).

Inaddition, during the last quarter of last year, 2015 Trump’scampaign raised about $13.5 million that were seen, much less ascompared to his rival such as Ted Cruz who had about $20 million thatwere mainly contributions. However, unlike his rivals yet again, mostof Trump’s money was his personal contribution in the form of loansthat was reported to be amounting to about $10.8 million (ResponsivePolitics, 2016). This has been seen happening in the recent months asDonald Trump is seen getting deeper into his pockets to get makepersonal contributions that have amounted to about $5 million sincethe beginning of January this year. In this regard it is worth notingthat the financial stability and steadiness of Trump is keeping himahead of his opponents who mostly rely heavily on contributions anddonations. And thus one can conclusively state that the reason thatTrump is succeeding is because of his financial mileage.


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