Dollar Beard Club Marketing essay

DollarBeard Club Marketing

Dollar Beard Club has taken sufficient measures when it comes to theconcept of ensuring they adequately manage the products they areselling. The company is at the forefront of working out ways throughwhich it can increase its clientele base while at the same timeretaining the already existing customers. The technologicaladvancements witnessed have made it possible for Dollar Beard Companyto increase its clients. The company has opted to use various schemesincluding but not limited to videos, photos, social networks, andmicroblogs. The application of highlighted strategies makes itpossible for the company to realize the objectives when it comes tothe increasing the overall sales.

Videos for Marketing of DBC Products

Dollar Beard Club ships quality care products to those who havesubscribed to its services. The ability of the organization to getcustomers to purchase its products has been possible by the fact thatthe organization uploads videos that serve as an advert of the natureof products they offer to the market. The video uploads were crucialsince it helped to enhance the sales of DBC’s products. The companyutilizes platforms such as YouTube to see to it that they get thecommodities reach out to the targeted market. Men are the primarytarget consumers of the products released by the company. Because ofthe same, the company has come up with videos that target men.YouTube forms the primary platform through videos regarding theproducts distributed by Dollar Beard Club are showcased. Further, thecompany utilizes Instagram where they post the products theydistribute. Men have the opportunity to learn about the commoditiesand purchase them as they will.

Photos to Improve Brand Image

The ability to attract customers into the acquisition of a particularproduct is dependent upon the manner in which they are showcased. Thevisual display serves as the most appropriate way through which theorganization can attract buyers for its products. Dollar Beard Clubrealized the benefit that is achieved with the use of photos when itcomes to an increase in sales of the products they were distributing.Mainly, the use of photos appeals to the product line theorganization engages. Male customers, who are in their twenties andthirties get attracted to the nature of photos displayed by theorganization. For example, there is the aspect of photos of thebeards that arise when one uses DBC’s products. The use of suchphotos has a greater chance of attracting customers into makingpurchases at the organization. An example of a photo that has a highchance of attracting the users is shown.

The photo illustrates the change one should expect if they were touse DBC products to improve the image of their beards. Initially, theuse of beards was considered as being unprofessional. However, ifmale customers were to use the products, they would benefit from thechange in outlook. The decision to use the photo emanates from thefact that one would regain a professional outlook despite the havingthe beards. Clients who use beard products such as oils and ointmenthave the benefit of enjoying a change in their appearance.

The photo indicates some of the products that male consumers can gainfrom DBC. The use of such commodities has a significant impact inimproving the overall manner in which a particular individual was togroom. DBC has taken measures to ensure that they provide thecustomers with the best products that equal the value for theirfinances.

Social Networks

Dollar Beard Club has taken the initiative of utilizing the socialnetworks as a way of increasing their sales. Facebook, Twitter,Instagram have been useful when it comes to enhancing the sales(Funk). DBC has realized the massive presence of individuals in theonline networks. Through the same, it is possible for theorganization to attract a high percentage of customers. Most of themcan learn about the nature of products that are being advertised bythe organization. The social networking sites have been used totransform the perspective of people on the overall issue of keepingbeards. The social networking sites further create a platform wherecustomers can interact with employees of Dollar Beard Club to learnmore about the nature of products that are being offered by theorganization. For example, it is possible for the male consumers toinquire about the products through the sites. The organizationanswers the questions presented by the customers. The use of socialnetworking sites for marketing by DBC is an efficient strategybecause most of the customers have accounts through them (Weintraub,and Litwinka). Information about new products and a different lineintroduced can be posted to the sites with ease. For example, DollarBeard Club is a group on Facebook where all those who considerthemselves as gentlemen who are bearded can gain access to and shareideas on the products.

Further, customers can use the social networking sites to comment onissues about the products offered by the organization. Particularly,there is the concept of the beard oil distributed by the company. Itis possible for customers to inform the company on issues related tothe product and provide suggestions that would serve to improve onservice provision.

Microblogs for Marketing

Microblogs are powerful tools that can be used for marketing. Thenumber of people who use the microblogs has been increasing by theday, and it accounts they account for close to forty percent of thosewho use the internet. The microblogs have gained much popularitybecause of the manner in which they are designed. Dollar BeardCompany has resorted to the use of microblogs when it comes toadvertising and getting products to the clients. The growing use ofmicroblogs among the population has been efficient especially becauseof the convenience it brings. For example, it has been possible tonetwork with different individuals. Microblogs are useful since theorganization could use the same to get in touch with the differentcustomers interested in their products. Dollar Beard Club has set upa microblog in their name as a way of improving their brand image.Through the same, the chances are that most of the customers would beattracted to making purchases at the organization as a greaterproportion of the population has access to information about thenature of products offered by the company. However, it is crucial forDollar Beard Club to ensure they come up with an effective channelthrough which it can encourage the number of those who follow theirmicroblogs. The high number of those who subscribe translates to anincrease in the proportion of those who get to learn about theproducts being advertised. The goal of the microblogs is to ensurethat a community of buyers is created where individuals can exchangeideas on the nature of commodities released at DBC.

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