Do we live in a free country? essay

It is a delightful thing to hear that everywhere you go and in whatever country you came from, freedom is always flourishing. Even Morocco has given this chance to its people in order to openly express opinions, and to move and act according to their likings. After all, this is what they believe is the point where all the freedom of its people is centered upon. But every freedom is tagged with its own perimeter. Worship in Morocco for instance only allows and tolerates freedom for those who worship in good faith and with greater purpose.

While those who are making use of it for personal gains that may promote any kind of political activity are discouraged by the security personnel. Likewise, Muslims are prohibited to convert their faith into any other kind of religion. If they do such, they’ll be arrested and judged accordingly. Freedom in Morocco is always there, but once its people engage themselves in indecent activities that are harmful, freedom may be apprehended.

For the past 50 years, it is safe to say that freedom in Morocco before was way better than what its people have today because the ideology of freedom now has come to its new form, in a modernistic appeal yet still in a barbaric approach. Freedom to express for example has been given a different interpretation. Some consider it as an excuse to do something that would severely affect his nation. Extrajudicial killing as such, is the new brand of terrorism in the local front.

Its way of killing is in violation of the real essence of justice, freedom and the importance of life. But because freedom is for everybody, most men now are taking advantage of it. However, despite what’s happening to our freedom now, there is still what we call law and it is created in line with the word justice. Justice, in its rawest form, means reward to good deeds and punishment to bad ones. It therefore agrees with the idea that those who have been practicing their freedoms in bad ways are always expected to be suppressed once justice will be implemented.

And when it is implemented, it is expected to curb criminal activities, deter citizens from engaging immoral acts detrimental to the society and encourage goodwill and right freedom among citizens. After all, we still live in a free country called Morocco.


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