Divorce Have Long -Term Damaging Effects On Children essay

When parents break the news of divorce to their children, the latter’s initial reaction might vary from sadness, to extreme anger, to drawing an instantaneous conclusion that their parents’ divorce is their fault. Children deal with the losses, adjust as the best they can and they grow up trying to understand the circumstances for themselves.

Circumstances like a parent departs from home; changing or moving schools or lose friendship; finances is unexpectedly very tight and remains that way for an extended period; may not see cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents not quite as much as the child used to; respective parent starts dating; a girlfriend or boyfriend moves in, perhaps bringing along her or his own children; and witnessing one or both parents marry again, results to a long-term damaging effect on the children (Marquardt n. pag. ).

The resulting pain children feel as a result of the disturbing events often leads to poor grades in school and even can end in their dropping out of school. Apart from the physical results of divorce, there are several other damaging emotional consequences that children will bear with them for the rest of their lives. Studies have confirmed that low self-respect is one of the most ordinary emotional effects of divorce on children (Bilotta n. pag. ).

Lack of self-respect is carried by the affected children into their adult lives and leads to various objectionable consequences like marital troubles, problematic relationships and difficulties in finding an employment. The diverse activities that are involved in a divorce severely damage a child. Divorce would cause a lack of sense of belonging and confusion to the child affected.

It is important therefore that when getting married, one must think wisely to make sure that marriage is the right choice for him or her as well for the potential children that may turn up along one day.

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