Diversity Consciousness essay

This was a very thorough response to given questions. You make a very good point by stating that this class provides an excellent foundation on the topic of diversity awareness. Your involvement with the Summit Pointe is also very interesting. I looked them up online and was impressed by the quality of the services that they offer as well as with the opportunity available in terms of internships and volunteering. I think that your idea of becoming a facilitator is great, as it will provide you with the opportunity to help others while doing what you enjoy.

You also mention that based on your experience you know several programs that are worth getting involved. I think it would be great of you could provide more specific detail about some of these programs and how exactly they benefit you in terms of expanding your awareness in regard to diversity. In addition, I think it would be interesting to know if any of those services are culturally competent. Culturally competent services incorporate respect for and understanding of, ethnic and racial groups, as well as their histories, traditions, beliefs, and value systems (CMHS, 1998).

You command respect by coping with your illness and at the same time helping others make the best out of their lives. Hopefully classes like this and other public programs will help others understand what type of problems people with disabilities have and in that way ensure fair treatment.

References: Center for Mental Health Services. (1998). Cultural competence standards in managed care mental health services for four underserved/ underrepresented racial/ethnic groups. Rockville, MD