Diversities in Sexual Behavior essay

People in general have diverse forms of sexual behavior from heterosexuality to homosexuality one must wonder then what causes differences in human sexual behavior and why isn’t there just one standard? Human sexuality has always been attached to the act of procreation wherein people have sex in order to conceive a child however these days the act of sex has become so much more wherein people connote sex with expressing love for another person, to satisfy base desires, to feel good and ironically as a form of recreation(Abramson 1995).

It is due these developments that different methods of sexual behaviors have come about however instead of just one generic behavior what is seen is a multitude of different sexual behaviors ranging from homosexuality, transexualism to the normal heterosexual interactions. The purpose of this is paper is to determine the biological aspects of human sexuality, to describe the different forms of sexual behavior and to find out how this diversity came to be.

Biological Aspects of Human Sexuality All aspects dealing with human reproduction and actions taken to carry it out can be classified under the biological aspects of human sexuality(Abramson 1995). Biologically speaking human sexuality can be described as a drive to reproduce. While there are several other factors behind human sexuality than just the need to reproduce the biological drive behind it is one of its most important factors.

It can be said that the human sexual drive was a result of the necessity to propagate the species in that there was a need to create a drive, a need, going so far as to call it an ambition to propagate and have ones genetic information be imparted to the next generation(Abramson 1995). This drive can be so overwhelming that at times there is no other choice than to give into it which can lead to sex between two individuals or the act of masturbation when no sexual partner is present.

The human sexual drive does not come without risks though, as of late the rise in the number of individuals who have contracted sexually transmitted diseases has risen this is due in part to the lackluster means in which education regarding abstinence as the best form of protection against such diseases is barely working.

This is due to the fact that the human sexual drive is an overwhelming one wherein once an individual reaches a point wherein they have to choose between satiating their sexual lust and adhering to common sense most individuals choose to give into their baser desires. It can even be said that love is nothing more than a combination of chemical responses in the brain brought about by chemical reactions designed to create a feeling of attachment and sexual desire all for the sake of procreation(Abramson 1995).

While people would argue that love goes beyond that the fact remains that love is an effective means of procreation and the chemicals associated with it as well as the parts of the brain which cause it have been scientifically proven to exist as such it can be said that love in its biological essence without the psychological undertones involved is the result of biological factors for the sake of reproduction.

Sexual orientation though is not a result of biological factors, who a person finds sexually desirable is all a result of psychological processes which have developed as a result of numerous experiences that a person has had which influence what they find desirable either with the opposite sex or with the same sex (Zerilli 2010). Different Types of Human Sexual Behavior Acceptable Types of Sexual Behavior Abstinence Abstinence can refer to the means in which a person refrains from having sexual intercourse with another individual for the sake of either delaying potential pregnancy or acquiring a form of sexually transmitted disease.

Most of the time though abstinence is supposedly due to a moral choice done by a person as a result of parental influences or religion. Unfortunately though as mentioned earlier under the biological aspects of human sexual behavior those who advocate abstinence are no less likely not to have sex than those who don’t believe in abstinence but have not have sex yet this is due to the fact that the human sexual drive is a strong one which at times can overwhelm a psychological process which means that even though a person knows it goes against their morals to have sex they do so anyway because of the drive to do so.

Masturbation Masturbation refers to act in which an individual pleasures himself/ herself through the act of genetic stimulation. Such an act is caused by the human sexual drive which at times solicits a need for release in the brain which results in the self stimulation of the person in question in order to obtain said release. Masturbation is actually quite common among a lot of individuals with most people having had masturbated in the past or are currently masturbating. Heterosexual Intercourse

Heterosexual intercourse refers to acts such coitus or oral sex performed between two members of the opposite sex. This is the usual and most widely accepted for of sexual interaction in the world today. Often involving different positions the goal of sexual intercourse between the two parties is mutual orgasm or pregnancy depending on the reasons behind the intercourse. Abnormal Types of Sexual Behavior Child Abuse Child abuse is widely considered the most heinous form of abnormal sexual behavior which can cause untold psychological damage to a young child.

Child abuse involves sexual intercourse between an adult man or woman and a child usually in the pre-puberty or semi-adolescent stage, acts committed can range from vaginal intercourse to oral stimulation. It must be noted that at this age most children are not mentally or physically ready for intercourse as such sex with a child has a lasting and sometimes detrimental effect on the way they express themselves. This behavior is thought to originate from individuals who experienced a similar trauma during their own childhood and inflicts the same actions onto another individual for the sake of easing their own mental anguish.

Homosexual intercourse Homosexual intercourse is the act of two individuals of the same gender having sexual intercourse with each other. Usually involving anal and oral sex for men and oral and vaginal stimulation for women. The origins of homosexuality are supposedly based on a psychological choice wherein a man or woman chooses this particular orientation due to a feeling of belongingness and acceptance they feel when interacting with individuals of the same gender.