Discussion Week 6 Gender, Race, and Philosophy essay

Discussion:Week 6 Gender, Race, and Philosophy

Genderis used to define the features and characteristics that differentiatemasculinity from femininity, and in most cases the issues raised hereconcern the culture or social structures (Chaneles, 2014). Currently,different countries and human rights organizations are advocating forthe gender equality in all matters that women seem to be unequallyrepresented. Women need to be empowered in all cases that concerngender issue. Gender parity should be felt in areas like education,the healthy and safety of women should be taken into consideration,the problems of the economy as well as the political matters amongother issues (UNESCO, 2016).

Differentracial issues are in existence in various countries in varieddegrees. From the philosophical point of view, these issues can besolved if there are advanced levels of clarity and precision in thematters of racial dimensions globally. Philosophers, like Atkin, havestudied the racial issues in broad to shed light on this globalproblem. He gives the concepts of the good and the bad racialprofiling an issue that subjects specified races to a givenpositivity or negativity and make them be associated with either goodor bad morals. Such matters can help solve the racial issues in theworld (Atkin, 2012).

Philosophyis a field that attempts to provide a solution to the complexproblems that exist in the world. The issues can be matters ofexistence, reason, mind, and language among others. The knowledgegained from philosophy helps the philosophers to apply such skillsacross all fields to solve any problem that appears complicated tothe ordinary people. The field widens the scope of thinking ofindividuals and focuses on ideas from different perspectives,providing the possible alternatives, and also giving the possiblemorals that should be attached to the concept in question (Mole,Smithies, and Wu, 2011).


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