Discussion Response essay



Thearticle posted by Stephanie provides a detailed discussion of theaccessibility and barriers of eight getaways. The purpose ofStephanie’s article is to explain how accessible these destinationsare to handicapped guests. I agree with Stephanie that a getaway thatis accessible to disabled guests should address the mobilitychallenge. This is because mobility impairment is the main factorthat distinguishes the handicapped guests from other categories ofvisitors (U.S. Department of Justice, 2015).

Oneof the most important strategies that getaways can use to attractguests with special needs is to provide them with facilities thatmake it easy for them to move around the facility. For example,Stephanie observed that Alaska Cruise has balconies than be easilyaccessed, while Disney Park has doors and rooms that suit the needsof people with disabilities. This implies that adjusting theamenities is one of the common methods that can help the handicappedguests feel welcome (Vintage Mobility International, 2016).

Otherfacilities provide equipment that can help guests adapt to theirenvironment and cope with new challenges that conditions at therecreational facility may present (Vintage Mobility International,2016). For example, Stephanie observed that destinations alongFlorida beaches provide their guests with special wheelchairs thathave thicker wheels. The special wheelchairs increase the ability ofguests who use wheelchairs to move on sand.

Althoughrecreational facilities use different strategies to accommodatedisabled guests, there are some barriers that are difficult to avoid.For example, Stephanie noted that some getaways (including the DisneyPark) are not suitable for visitors with special needs because theyface the risk of being stigmatized. The distance between the getawayand where the guest lives may also be a barrier since people withspecial needs do not feel comfortable travelling a long distance tofind recreational facilities. In overall, Stephanie analyzed theeight getaways from an objective point of view. This is confirmed bythe fact that both the strengths and weaknesses of each thesedestinations were considered.


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