Discussion Response essay



Thearticle posted by Jennifer provides a discussion on the use ofassistive devices. Jennifer holds that the majority of older adultswho live with disability prefer assistive devices to home caregivers.I agree with this idea because the use of assistive devices helps thedisabled persons develop the sense of independence (Bryant, 2012). Bybeing helped by the caregivers to carry out simple activities ofdaily living, older adults with disabilities feel depressed sincethey develop a perception that they have completely lost theirfunctionality.

Althoughthe majority of the disabled senior members of the society like usingassistive devices, the lack of finance reduces the accessibility ofthese devices to the disabled persons. Jennifer holds that inadequatefunding from Medicare has made it difficult for the disabled personsto access assistive devices. This is because Medicare stoppedcovering all devices due to a significant financial setback. I agreewith Jennifer on the idea that the availability of adequate financingfor assistive devices increases the ability of the disabled personsto lead an independent life at a low cost (Bryant, 2012). Inaddition, Medicare has formulated strict rules that have reduced theaccessibility of assistive devices. For example, a requirement thatboth the health care provider and the supplier of devices must beenrolled with Medicare leaves out a large number of the health careproviders and suppliers of these devices, who would have increasedthe accessibility of the assistive technology to more clients(Medicare.gov, 2016).

Alarge number of disabled persons feel more independent when usingdevices than when being assisted by the caregivers, but it takes timefor the disabled person to adapt. I agree with Jennifer that disabledpersons need to undergo some adjustments in order to achieve maximumbenefit from the assistive devices.


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