Discussion response essay


2q1:The determination of whether the 70-degree temperature departs fromthe average temperature significantly

Thearticle presents a useful guidance on the process of determiningwhether the temperature recorded in a particular day departssignificantly from the average temperature readings. I agree with twoof the main ideas presented in the article. First, the samplingmethod makes a given study or a scientific investigation easier andcheaper. Sampling becomes easier because a scholar is only requiredto use a representative sample to make conclusions, instead ofdealing with the entire population (Agrawal &amp Krizek, 2012 andEtikan, Musa &amp Alkassin, 2015). Secondly, the use of standarddeviation as the most reliable way of determining whether the highesttemperature reading departs from the day’s average reading has beenexplained clearly. This is because the standard deviation is used tomeasure how scores are distributed within a given set of data(Al-Seleh &amp Yousif, 2009). Therefore, the standard deviation canbe used to determine how the high of 70-degree departs from othertemperature readings within the same day.


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Q2:Norm-referencedtests (NRTs)

Thearticle provides a clear discussion of the use of NRTs in comparingscores. I agree with the notion created in the article that NRTsprovides the most effective strategy of ranking test takers. This isbecause NRT methods are designed in a way that helps their usershighlight student achievement differences among and between students,which produces a dependable ranking order (Adeyemi, 2011). The NRTsproduce the order of all test takers across a given continuum ofachievement, starting from high achievers to low achievers (Koberda &ampKoberda, 2014). Schools prefer this system because it makes it easyto identify the gifted learners and students who should be placed inremedial. In addition, the article presents a critical argument thatz-score is preferred to other scores because it is more versatile.The versatility of the z-score can be attributed to the fact that ittakes account of both the variability and the mean value in a givenset of scores (Mueller &amp Oppenheimer, 2014).


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