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Aclean install is considered as the easiest type of OS installation,as it only necessitates SSD or HDD to be formatted hence, theprevious installed data is cleared. On other hand, an upgrade installmeans that a new operating system will be loaded on the existing onehence, the old documents, settings as well as compatible applicationswill be migrated (Huculak,2015).It is worth noting that the two methods have distinct pros and cons,and it all depends on consumers’ preference.




Delete all the spyware and registry files

It takes long to install the new OS

Fixes majority of performance-related problems.

Licenses for software ought to be manually accounted for

The computer performs faster after clean install

Applications, settings and documents ought to be manually backup in old OS




It requires less time while installing

Previous performance-sapping registry and applications errs will exist

Easier setup, as it has less steps

Slow performance due to existing OS

Fromthe above analysis, I will go for clean install, as it pros outweighupgrade install.

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Thankyou so much for your hard work. You did a thorough research,especially on windows 10, which is very remarkable since it is a newwindow. You have clearly highlighted the pros and cons of both cleaninstall as well as upgrade install, which was the primarilyrequirement for this assignment. Kudos for the good work!

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Thankyou for your hard work you have answered the questions separately.However, there are some grammatical flows in your discussion, like “Ibeen on the waiting list a long time and Also, other than erasingevery one of your applications and settings among others”ought to be refined to meet the instructions threshold.


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