Discussion essay

Thecommon characteristics attributed to the parole population are basedon their race, ethnic origin, and gender. Some ethnicities are proneto parole whereas a particular gender follows the same rationale. Theparole population has been observed from the year 2007 to the year2013. The reports provided in the year 2014 indicated that out of theparole population, 88% comprised of men whereas 12% presented thewomen. These statistics indicated that the Hispanic ethnicity had16%, which is a reduction of 5% from the data recorded in the year2000. Similarly, in 2014, of the parolee population, 43% were theWhites. However, the number of the Whites reduced to 38% in the year2000 (BJS, 2015). The statistics were provided by the Bureau ofJustice Statistics after analyzing the paroled population underdifferent characteristics. Therefore, these features are justifiedand are not based on stereotypes in any manner.

Themain challenges the parole population is facing include theperceptions of the society towards them and lack of employmentopportunities, which make them have a high likelihood o engaging incriminal activities again. The released population should be helpedto reintegrate socially with the community after incarceration. Forinstance, in Canada, there are institutional programs that aredesigned to reduce the recidivism. These programs are efficient inensuring that the parole population has a positive perception fromthe public after they are released. On the other hand, the paroledpopulation lacks the employment opportunities to sustain themselvesfinancially. If such opportunities will not be created, this releasedgroup is likely to break the conditions under which they weretemporarily discharged. I recommend that job opportunities be createdfor these individuals so that they can be independent. Differentprivate and public institutions should offer job opportunities to theparoled population.


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