Different people essay

Over our lifetimes, we meet over three hundred thousand different people. Of those three hundred thousand different people, it is said that the human brain can only recall around five percent (5%) of all of them. Of that five percent, only a handful of them are memorable, approximately less than one hundred. Therefore, in order to be memorable a person not only has to stand out from among those three hundred thousand other individuals but must also be consistent in order to maintain the name recall. (name of person) is that kind of outstanding individual with whom I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with and have as a friend.

I know (Name of person) to be an outstanding individual of good moral character. I have known this charming young man since (year) when I was his manager at IKEA. He was consistently among the best performers on my team. Aside from his involvement in several on community activities, (name of student) has always been able to meet the stringent requirements of the workplace. As such, I would like to make mention of the fact that I am honored to have been able to have an employee such as (name of student).

On a personal level, I know of (name of person) as a very sociable person with a very pleasing attitude based on our conversations at work where we would occasionally run into each other. There was no subject matter that he was not knowledgeable with and neither was there any topic that seemed too mundane to discuss. Always able to strike a conversation with anyone, I am confident that (name of person) will be a success wherever he goes. As a professional, I hold (name of person) in high regard for his work ethic, dedication and focus which I saw firsthand when he was reporting to me.

Given the challenges of being in logistics, I have witnessed just how dedicated he can be to his work. His ability to meet deadlines and fulfill the tasks required of an individual in his position is a testament to his skill. Whenever I get a chance to talk about him during company meetings at the headquarters, I remember the time when I was able to see firsthand the value that he brings to the company. It was a Christmas season at the office and there was a problem with the supply chain as orders were pouring in from all parts of the country.

As I had to deal with other things at that time, I left (name of person) in charge of the retail logistics. As a Retail Logistics Deputy Manager, (name of person) had been performing his duties admirably and I was quite confident that he would be able to handle the pressure. I look back on that moment and am proud of making that choice. As it turns out, the problem was much larger than was anticipated yet (name of person) was effectively able to demonstrate his knowledge in economics and also his leadership skills.

Since there was a shortage, (name of person) decided to do what is normally done and call up the headquarters for more supplies. The problem was that there was not enough in the stockroom. To solve the problem, (name of person) developed a dynamic method of marketing to the clients by holding on piece of particularly saleable item and having a floor demonstration on how to assemble it. This was a stroke of genius on his part because he was not only able to stall for time but he also got so many shoppers engrossed in the demonstration that they soon wanted to buy more upon seeing just how easy it is to assemble the furniture.

He realized that sending single orders would be grossly inefficient so he instead encouraged bulk sales in order to maximize the logistics expenses and it worked like a charm. His personality, in my humble opinion, is best suited for this kind of endeavor (economics) because of his ability to multi-task. During his past work experiences, he has often come across as witty and amiable. Yet, I have seen that he is no push over when it comes to working in a corporate or business environment. He exudes the confidence that he can firmly succeed in anything that he wants to as long as he works hard at it and he gets things done.

The job gets done faster and more efficiently as and when the objectives are clear, the strategies acceptable, and the resources are available. Of course, in the real world, these do not always happen. To the extent that they happen and to the extent that he can make them happen, he goes after them and manages to get the job done. He is a highly focused and determined individual who possess many skills and talents and I highly recommend him for admission into your prestigious university.