Diana Carolina Butler BUS 135 essay

DianaCarolina Butler




Everyonewants to be successful in this world. Working class people haveobligations or people they fend for at the end of the day. Therefore,this urges people to try their best to make enough money to cater fortheir needs and that of their dependents. People are often faced withthe temptation of using shortcuts to make themselves successful.(Corner, 2013)

Whatis the issue and source of information?


Manyissues affect a corporate, and some of them include integrity,competition, marketing &amp customer loyalty, uncertainty,regulation, and problem-solving &amp risk management. The matter Ichose to discuss is integrity. It leans on morals because every daysome employer or employee somewhere is faced with the temptation ofcheating to better themselves financially. Some of them fall into thetemptation and some of them resist it for however long they can.That’s how differences in businesses come in. One who valuesintegrity and another who corrodes it.

Howdoes the issue affect the management of a company?

Thefoundation of any enterprise is a complete replica of the businessheads. Whatever basic values and beliefs they have, they always go along way in how effective leadership is dropped down to the staffmembers. Business is prone to suffer from instability when the staffmembers do not trust their bosses to do the right thing. They live inconstant fear that their bosses’ integrity will bend whenever pushcomes to shove, and a decision is required to be made. Also, a goodreputation comes from always doing the right thing. When customerslearn that a company has lost its integrity one way or another, thecompany loses its customer base. The consumers opt to go for thecompetitors of the enterprise in search of greener pastures.

Howdoes the economy of U.S affect the issue?

Internationaldebt and economic tussles in the U.S only put the company’smanager’s integrity on the line. Times are tough, and they aren’tgetting any simpler. So remaining focused on the core values thecompany has or had in the beginning without deviating is a task.

Howdoes legislation affect the issue?

Thereare checks for quality in products as they have to be standardized.Bribes may be sought to hide or camouflage the errors from theconsumers.

Whatis your opinion on the issue?

Integrityis paramount in any business. It’s not only leaders who lackintegrity in business. Members of staff who lack integrity mightaffect the company negatively too. I think employers should be extracautious when hiring employees because a C.V alone doesn’t provideinformation on the values and vices of an applicant. According toConner, (2013), They should also ensure they put in programs toregularly monitor the employees so that they never change their goodways. People should never forget that success is short-lived.Integrity is what people should aim for because it lives on forever.