Diagnostic Assessment essay



The case presented for Scott is a reflection of a child who may besuffering from mood dysregulation as attested by his irritablenature. However, it is essential that an appropriate form ofassessment is employed to help in the determination of the problem.It is possible to understand the type of remedy that can be used tohelp in addressing the issue. The Mood Assessment Program can beapplied to find out what the problem may be for Scott. Also, theparent-child relationship can be used to assess the behavioral traitsof Scott.

Mood Assessment Program is effective since it has a clear guidelineon the goals it intends to achieve. For example, it focuses onidentification of the type of depression that the child could besuffering from. Further, as highlighted, Scott presents with a uniquepersonality that includes staying up late and throwing tantrums whenhe fails to get what he wants. The Mood Assessment Program can behelpful since it helps in the identification of the vulnerablepersonality styles as shown by Scott. The assessment tool would beinstrumental in helping determine the exact problem that Scott isfacing. Further, the assessment method is useful since it helps inthe provision of a rational basis for developing a formulation andtreatment plan (Barkley, 2013). Through the guidelines provided, itwould be possible to determine how best to help Scott overcome theproblem.

Mood Assessment Program works in a way that patients respond to thequestions regarding their personal and depressive symptoms. The datasubmitted is analyzed, and the report sent to a clinician. Thepatient can be referred to the clinician in response to the resultsthat would guide in making the diagnosis and eventually formulationof a treatment plan.

The relationship between the parents and their child has a crucialrole to play in determining the children’s behaviors (Barkley,2013). Scott’s parents are seen imposing restrictions on Scott forthe undesirable actions that he portrays. The situation is compoundedby the fact that one parent has to stay at home as the other goes tothe groceries for fear of what could ensue if they were to live himalone. It is unfortunate that the child seems to have gotten out ofcontrol despite efforts directed toward rectifying his behaviors.

The behaviors portrayed by the child could be emanating from thesevered relations he has with the parents. It could be essential toassess how the parents are relating with him and determine the causeof the problem. It could be that the child is not impressed by how heis treated. As shown in the case study, Scott can be exquisite atdoing what he likes, and acts contrary to the same if he does not getwhat he wants. His behaviors could be attributed to the fact that hisparents may be treating him in a manner that is not welcome. Becauseof the same, it could be mandatory to conduct an assessment of therelationship between the three (Barkley, 2013). The parents can berequested to answer a set of specific questions that would be used tohelp determine the relationship between them. Similarly, Scott couldbe required to answer a certain set of questions that could guide inproviding more information on his relationship with the parents. Theapplication of the identified types of assessment should help indealing with the case.