Diabetes 6531 Discussion wk 11 essay


Diabetes6531 Discussion wk 11

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Mrs.28 years old, she is a Para one plus zero gravid two, got admitted tothe hospital with a diagnosis of Gestational diabetes, she came Withcomplaints of increased thirst, passing lots of urine and unexplainedweight loss (Kalter,&nbsp 2012), she has a history of diabetes inthe family. On examination patient presented with high blood sugarlevels when a random blood sugar test got done, also a confirmatoryoral glucose tolerance test got conducted, and it proved thediagnosis as being the right one since it was greater than 11.1mol/l 2 hours after the administration of a 75g anhydrous glucose.The patient was on oral anti-hyperglycemic drugs such as Metformin.

Onefactor of Mrs. X that predisposes her to diabetes is gender and thefact that she was pregnant. These factors affects her treatment plansince the baby predisposes her to the disease as it only occursmainly in pregnant women her condition also makes her present with arisk factor of hypoglycemia. Some drugs might not get administered toher due to their adverse effects to her baby (Pedersen,&nbsp 2012).

Patienteducation strategies might get altered since the management of apatient presenting with gestational diabetes s usually slightlydifferent from that of a patient who has type one or two diabetes sothat the health messages might differ( Jovanovič, 2011). The patientmight require an individualized education that might help in toenlighten the mother on the dangers of diabetes to the baby as wellas the various activities she should engage in carrying out. Thepatient treatment plan might get altered since Mrs. X conditionrequires the administration of other medications that might lack theharmful effects of toxicity that might harm the baby (Cornford &ampMacInnis,&nbsp 2012). The plan of treatment must get done withcaution to avoid incidences of inadequate prescription of drugs tothe mother that might cause harm to both her and her unborn child.


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